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Greatest Hits: An Index of Essays & Articles On Various Topics

These essays and articles are excerpted from various postings I've made. Or articles I've published. Many of my regular blog entries are quips and comments about contemporary events. These are a little more timeless, lengthy and thoughtful.

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The Automobile Business

An Open Letter To Detroit General Motors Obituary The Littlest Car Industry Brand Licensing
The Perfect Storm Farewell Chrysler Malcolm In The Middle History Repeats Itself
GM CEO Job Interview Fixing Ford (2008) View From The Precipice Patience Pays
What If ...? Saving Chrysler (2007) Bedtime Story Predictions: Next 100 Years
Auto Advertising Fixing General Motors (2005) Postwar Small Car Ideas

Automotive History
America - 1957 Back To The Future A History Of Luxury Cars Time Machine
1959 Cars Of The World It's A 'Classic' Ten Profound Cars Time Machine II

Car Design
Art & Cars Cars As Appliances Derham Body Co. Mediocre Luxury
Allure of the Automobile Cars by the Pound Designer Edition Autos Size Matters
Best-Looking American Cars Car Styling Evolution Dull Car Design Suddenly, It's 1948

Car Marques
Bocar Edsel Lincoln Saturn
Borgward Fiat & Chrysler The Kennedy Lincoln Scion
Bristol Fiat Jolly Maybach Simca
Buick Flying Feather Mazda6 Smart ForTwo
Cadillac Ford Model A Mercury Stout Scarab
Chevrolet Volt Fuldamobil Nissan Micra Studebaker Lark
Chrysler Diablo/Dart Gaylord Oldsmobile Suzuki
Chrysler Newport Gogomobil Packard Tesla
Chuffley-Waite Graham-Paige Paxton Phoenix Toyota Corolla
Citroën Griffith Pierce-Arrow New Tucker Torpedo
Cord Hispano-Suiza Plymouth Vauxhall & Opel
DKW Honda Pontiac Volkswagen
Daimler Jaguar Porsche Zimmer Quicksilver
Dodge Jeep Saab Zündapp Janus
Duesenberg Lancia

Auto Shows & Auctions (with photos)
Auto Shows (1955 vs. 2005) 2012 Barrett-Jackson 2014 Scottsdale Auctions 2017 Scottsdale Auctions
1960 Philly Auto Show 2012 NY Auto Show 2014 Dr. George Car Show 2017 Monterey Week
1966 NY Auto Show 2012 Monterey Week 2014 Monterey Week 2018 Scottsdale Auctions
1996 Monterey Week 2013 Detroit Auto Show 2015 Detroit Auto Show 2018 Monterey Week
2005 Portland Auto Show 2013 Scottsdale Auctions 2015 Scottsdale Auctions 2019 Scottsdale Auctions
2007 National Lincoln Meet 2013 Motoring Thru Time 2015 Monterey Week 2019 Monterey Week
2010 Detroit Auto Show 2013 NY Auto Show 2016 Detroit Auto Show 2020 Scottsdale Auctions
2010 Monterey Week 2013 Monterey Week 2016 Scottsdale Auctions
2011 Allure of the Automobile 2013 B-J Las Vegas 2016 Monterey Week The Future Of Auto Shows
2011 Monterey Week 2014 Detroit Auto Show 2017 Detroit Auto Show How To Run A Car Show

Automobile Photos From Museum Visits
AACA Auto Museum Club Auto LeMay Museum Petersen Museum
Blackhawk Museum Don Garlits Museum Martin Auto Museum Simeone Museum
California Auto Museum Great California Adventure Nethercutt Collection Western Plane & Auto
Hall Of Flame

Driving Impressions and Road Tests
1995 Lincoln Mk. VIII 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier 2009 Mercedes CLK550 2013 BMW 750iL
2000 BMW 330xi 2004 Buick Century 2010 Chrysler 300 2013 Mercedes-Benz 550S
2000 Lincoln LS 2006 Chevrolet Impala 2011 Chevrolet Malibu 2014 Ford Fusion
2001 Toyota Camry 2007 Chevy Cobalt 2011 Chevrolet Impala Road Test Lingo
2002 Ford Escort 2007 Ford Focus 2011 Nissan Altima Gas Mileage
2002 BMW 330i 2007 Mazda3 2012 Chevrolet Impala
2003 BMW 330xi AWD 2008 Mazda6 2013 Ford Taurus

Miscellaneous Automotive
2010 Auto Debuts Car Clubs Mr. Goodwrench Rod & Custom
21st Century Predictions Car Magazines Model Auto Review Self-Driving Cars
AAA Going Bad? Car Musings Model & Toy Cars Stoplight Lottery
Archie's Cars Crapmobile Memories Motor Oil Taxi !
Auto Buzzwords Diesel: Esperanto of Fuels NASCAR Tires & Belts
Auto Paint Explorer Concept Cars Oil Dependency The Truth About Car Writing
Auto Service Writers Headlight History People's Cars The Truth About Tires
AutoBiography: Cars In My Life Hot Rod Lincoln Pep Boys Topper's Car
Automobile Quarterly Hot Wheels Popemobiles Topp's 'World On Wheels'
Axle Ratios Hemmings Promotional Models Toy & Promo Cars
Buying A New Car - 2005 Investing In Toy Cars Road & Track Oscar Mayer Wienermobile
Buying A New Car - 2008

Car Drawings

'36-37 Lincoln Zephyr '51 GM Le Sabre '56 Chevrolet '58 Packard
'37 Lincoln K-Series '51 Lincoln Cosmopolitan '56 Chrysler Dart '59 Cadillac
'38 Lincoln Zephyr conv. '51 Nash Rambler '56 Continental Mark II '59 Sting Ray racer
'38-40 Graham Sharknose '52 Continental 195X '56 Facel Vega '60 Ford Sunliner
'39 Lincoln Zephyr sedan '52 Lincoln '56 Ford Fairlane '60 Valiant
'39 Plymouth '53 Cadillac Le Mans '56 Lincoln '61 Lincoln Continental
'40 Mercury Eight '53 Studebaker '56 Mercury XM '63 Buick Riviera
'40 Packard Darrin '53 XL-500 concept '56 Packard Predictor '63 Lincoln Continental
'40-41 Lincoln Continental '54 Buick Wildcat II '56 Studebaker Hawk '64 Lincoln Continental
'41 Chrysler Thunderbolt '54 Chevy Corvette '56-58 Dual Ghia '65 Mercer Cobra
'41 Graham Hollywood '54 Chevy Nomad '57 Ford Thunderbird '66 Oldsmobile Toronado
'47 Chrysler Town & Country '54 Dodge Firearrow '57 Mercury '67 Volkswagen Beetle
'47 Lincoln Continental '54 Ford F/X Atmos '57 Nash Ambassador '69 Lincoln Mark III
'47 Studebaker '54 Lincoln Capri sedan '57 Plymouth '72 Lincoln Mark IV
'48 Divco Delivery Truck '55 Lincoln Capri coupe '58 Chuffley-Waite '77 Lincoln Mark V
'48-49 Cadillac '55 Lincoln Futura '58 Edsel '79 Lincoln Town Car
'49 Buick Roadmaster '55 Oldsmobile '58 GM Firebird III '84 Lincoln Mark VII
'49 Lincoln '56 Cadillac Fleetwood '58 Lincoln Continental Mk III '94 Cadillac Seville
'50 Studebaker '03 PT Cruiser Coupe

Behind The Drawings - A History Of AutoSketchs

Aerotrain Hiawatha Locomotive Real Trains PRR MU Commuter Cars
Air Rage Interstate Highways Toy Trains PRR T1 Steam Loco
America - 1957 Mass Transit Musings U.P. Challenger Loco Philadelphia Trolleys (1955)
Before Ambulances Model Train FAQs PRR Consolidation Loco Railroad History
Boeing 737 Model Train Layout Tips PRR GG1 Electric Loco School Buses
Car & Train Photos PRR Mallet Steam Loco The Mallard (L.N.E.R.)

L. Scott Bailey Eddie Fisher Thomas Kinkade Little Richard
Matthias Baldwin Jerry Flint Nicholas Kueny George Romney
George Barris Gerald Ford Jerry Lee Lewis Mitt Romney
Chuck Berry Jim Fowler Abraham Lincoln Linda Ronstadt
John R. Bond Vincent J. Fumo Hy Lit Charlie Ryan
The Big Bopper Annette Funicello Bruce Lulow Les Schwab
Craig Breedlove Henry J. Gambino Bob Lutz Vito Scotti
Malcolm Bricklin Robert L. Gardner Tom McCahill L.J.K. Setright
Helen Gurley Brown Dennis J. Gartland John McCain Kathy Shaidle
Bob Brudzinski Giorgetto Giugiaro Henry N. Manney III Carroll Shelby
William F. Buckley Pat Goss Bob Marple J.R. Simplot
Fidel Castro Grandmom My Mom David Sinclair
Cheap Canadians Ed Gray Lord Montagu Phoebe Snow
Aunt Ceil Brian L. Hayes Randy Mytar Gil Spear
Dick Clark Phil Hill J.B. Nethercutt Arlen Specter
Jeremy Clarkson Christopher Hitchens Paul Newman Jo Stafford
Hillary Clinton Lee Iacocca Joe Niagara Rick Steves
Boyd Coddington Ed Hurst Cubby O'Brien William B. Stout
Richard Corliss Dean Jeffries Barack Obama Elizabeth Taylor
My Dad Chuck Jordan Keith Olbermann Margaret Thatcher
Steve D'Ambrosia The Kardashians Sarah Palin Helen Thomas
Bobby Darin Kim Jong-il Les Paul Alex Trebek
David E. Davis Jr. Caroline Kennedy Tom Peterson George W. Walker
Jimmy Dean John F. Kennedy Pope John Paul II Craig Watjen
Phyllis Diller Robert F. Kennedy Elvis Presley Maury Willyard
Maureen Dowd Ted Kennedy Princess Margaret Walt Woron
Peter Egan John F. Kerry Ronald Reagan David Wu
Den Fenske Beverly Rae Kimes Jerry Reed
Carly Fiorina & HP Rodney King

America - 1957 Disney In India Mr. Potato Head Swiss Colony
Argomania Elvis & His Mark II Mount St. Helens Technology
Barbecue Grills Fatherhood Movie Cowboys The Day The Music Died
Bottled Water Geezer Stuff NY World's Fair '64-65 The Fifties
'Bullitt' Home For Christmas Olive Garden The Nebbishes
Busy Hands Are ... The IKEA Experience Remembering Camelot Thomas The Tank Engine
Coffee Stuff The Kardashians Roomba Top 'Simpsons' Episodes
Conserve This! Miracle Hat Seeking Nostalgia We're All Tomatoes
Sherlock Christmas Crèche

Philly Memories I Philly Memories VIII 1960 Philly Auto Show Philadelphia Trolleys
Philly Memories II Philly Memories IX American Bandstand Rohm & Haas Co.
Philly Memories III Philly Memories X American Graffiti - Philly St. Joseph's Prep
Philly Memories IV Philly Memories XI Camden, NJ Simeone Auto Museum
Philly Memories V Philly Memories XII Atlantic City, NJ Uniroyal - Tacony Plant
Philly Memories VI Philly Memories XIII Memories: NE Times Villanova University
Philly Memories VII Pep Boys Whitman's Sampler

About Bisphenol A Discovery Plastics, Inc. How To Start A Restaurant Overhauling The SBA
Air Rage Don't Bank On It The IKEA Experience Retailing
America - 1957 Just For Entrepreneurs Indecision & Procrastination Rohm & Haas Co.
Assets In The Elevator Finance & The Economy Investing Smartly Rubbermaid
Bad Predictions Fixing The Postal Service The Joy Of Manufacturing The Somat Machine
Business Advice Grudge Report Lessons From The Car Wash Shoe Musings
Busy Hands Are ... Handling Business Finances Luck Of The Irish Swiss Colony
Corky's BBQ Houses & Mortgages Make A Profit On Everything Technology
Death of Magazines How To Start A Business Masonite Trade Show In A Box
Dead Horse Strategies How Not To Start A Business Newspaper Death Watch Worth Every Cent

Alternate History Car Costs vs. Medical Costs Haiti: Lost Cause Media: Better Than You
America - 1957 Catholic Stuff Health Care Musings Obama Watch
Arab Street Conserve This! A Health Care Solution Obesity
Black Studies Education Immigration Politics Made Simple
The China Problem Eight Americas Islam Summer Of 1967
Fabulous Posts About Gays Keep Portland Weird Undeserving Poor
Funeral Planning Luck Of The Irish Vote For Me

Alternate Universes Book Reviews Restaurant Reviews
Miscellaneous Musings Miracle Hat You Gotta Have Heart
Fighting Cancer Peanut Butter And, In Local News ...
Gluing Philosophy Butt Math Shoe Stuff
Tools, Hardware, & Machinery The End of the Internet Travels & Wanderings
The China Virus

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