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Greatest Hits: Disney Great India Adventure
Mickey Goes Tandoori
(posted 5/4/2005)
India Adventure

Disney is considering opening a theme park in India. It will, I'm sure, be distinctly different than other Disney parks ... in an attempt to (ahem) curry favor with the locals, so to speak.

I suspect the new park's entrance will feature Main Street India, New Delhi Square, Mickey's Tandooritown and the animatronic presentation: "Great Moments with Jawaharlal Nehru." You'll be able to visit various shops on the street, like the British East India Company - it offers special sales and uprisings on the hour.

Use the Monorail (If it's full, just hang on the outside!) to reach the amusements, like Mr. Mahatma's Wild Ride and Pirates of the Ganges. (Keep your hands off the floating livestock carcasses.)

For a more frightening experience, visit the Haunted Taj Mahal. Or the Black Hole of Calcutta. You'll be able to drive little Hindustans on the Motorway of the Future and tour the Sikh Family Rabjison Treehouse. Or catch the show at the Monsoon Country Cow Jamboree. And experience Indira-in-Wonderland's Mad Tea Party.

Before you leave, don't forget to take It's A Small World Outsourcing Boat Ride - a mythical journey from the shores of America to Bangladore. Just don't drink the water.

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