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Car and Train Photos

Over the years, I've taken photos of car shows, car collections, auto museums and railroad museums. Here are links to various photo collections:

Automobile Photos

Dr. George Car Show (Indian Wells, CA) 2014, 2 pages

Motoring Thru Time (Phoenix, AZ) 2013, 2 pages

Martin Auto Museum (Phoenix, AZ) 2013

Hall Of Flame (Phoenix, AZ) 2013

LeMay: America's Car Museum (Tacoma, WA) 2012, 3 pages

Monterey Week (Monterey, CA) 2012

Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum (Hood River, OR) 2012, 3 pages

Dr. George Car Show (Indian Wells, CA) 2012, 2 pages

The Allure of the Automobile (Portland, OR) 2011, 4 pages

Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum (Philadelphia, PA) 2011, 2 pages

Dr. George Car Show (Indian Wells, CA) 2011

Blackhawk Automobile Museum (Danville, CA) 2010, 2 pages

California Auto Museum (Sacramento, CA) 2010

Harvest Days Car Show (Battle Ground, WA) 2010

Nethercutt Collection and Museum (Sylmar, CA) 2010, 4 pages

Petersen Automotive Museum (Los Angeles, CA) 2010

AACA Antique Auto Museum (Hershey, PA) 2008

Club Auto (Kirkland, WA) 2008

Lincoln & Continental Owners Club Western National Meet (Federal Way, WA) 2007

The Great California Adventure (Southern California) 2002

Monterey Weekend & Pebble Beach Concours (Northern California Coast) 1996, 5 pages

Train Photos

California State Railroad Museum (Sacramento, CA) 2010

Napa Valley Wine Train Tour (Napa, CA) 2010

Pennsylvania Rail Photos (Central PA) 2008

Union Pacific Challenger (Portland, OR) 2005, 3 pages

Colorado Railroading 2003

Glasgow Museum of Transport (Scotland) 2001

Railroads, Train Museum and Model Trains (Strasburg, PA) 2000

Frankford Junction (Philadelphia, PA) 1999

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