A Personal Message from Joe Sherlock

Please read this before you send e-mail

I've put my e-mail address only on this page to minimize the amount of unwanted 'spam' I receive as a result of e-mail harvesting by web robots. By 'burying' my e-mail address in the embedded graphic on this page, I have cut the amount of mass-mail spam coming through my server by about 95%.

If you've enjoyed the postings on my website, I'm happy to receive your e-mailed comments. But, because of time constraints and illness, I'm unable to respond to individual questions from visitors.

If you're an old friend, relative or business acquaintance, please don't hesitate to write me. I'd very much enjoy hearing from you.

I am now retired. Therefore, I'm not interested in business affiliations, resumes, sales solicitations, proposals for 'strategic alliances' (which always seem to be very one-sided in the sender's favor) or requests for free advice.

Except for attributed quotes and excerpts, the written content on this website has been created by me. I do not accept outside contributons. I have no interest in affiliations with 'content providers'.

Because of past abuses, I no longer grant permission to use/reproduce my images from this site.

If you're an PR person, do not contact me unless you're offering an automobile to road test.

I am not interested in selling ad space or promotional links on my site.

Any e-mail sent should be text format (not html format) and should not contain attachments of any kind.

Here is my address:

Thank you for your understanding in these matters.

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