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(posted 8/23/04)

No Mo' Mo: I have only read a few excerpts of Maureen Dowd's writing (I rarely read the New York Times) and had never seen her on television. I know that many posters on consider Dowd to be beneath contempt. But I never knew why. On Saturday, I watched Tim Russert's show on CNBC and was exposed to an Hour-O-Mo. All I can say is, "What a bitch!"

Ms. Dowd, who was hawking her latest book, 'Bushworld' - a smug hatchet job on the President, his kin and his administration - is a smart-aleck harpy who believes that a smattering of pop culture references mixed with flippancy signifies high intellect. Think Dennis Miller without a brain. Mo's trite and humorless musings about 'Bushworld' made me wonder about another mythical place - 'Dowdworld' - where 'self-confidence' becomes "cowboy swagger" and the First Lady used to be "cool" and "above the fray" but "... she polled higher than anyone else after the Iraq war began to turn bad, so (Karl Rove) dragged her into this fight ..." I can't imaging Karl Rove having the power to "drag" Laura Bush into anything. And I would never use the word "cool" to describe Mrs. Bush. Gracious. Lady-like. Thoughtful. I bet George W. Bush would add "indispensable."

George-the-Elder was described by Ms. Dowd as wearing "a full Cleveland." I've never seen the 41st President dressed in such un-preppy gear. Mo must have an overactive imagination - good for, say, a kiddie show host; not good for a putative journalist.

Dowd's overly-simplistic 'two kinds' of Texas (east & west) is an insult to Texans and proof that she's probably never set foot in the state. (Although she may have flown over it in a 757. Or on a broom.) I'm not from Texas, but I've been there enough times to know that there are far more than two flavors. Dallas is much different than neighboring Ft. Worth. Houston has far more in common with Atlanta, GA than it does with Tyler. Or Nocona. Or El Paso. One of the delights of the Lone Star State is that it is large and multi-faceted. But Mo is a superficial creature and, in Dowdworld, there are just two Texases. Well, it Must Be True because she is, after all, with The New York Times.

Now I know who Maureen Dowd is. And I never have to see, hear or read her again.

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