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Now That's Racism! Chicago's height-challenged, incompetent, black, lesbian mayor Lori Lightfoot will now grant interviews only to journalists of color.

NBC 5 Chicago political reporter Mary Ann Ahern noted that as Lightfoot "reaches her two year midway point as mayor, her spokeswoman says Lightfoot is granting one-on-one interviews - only to Black or Brown journalists."

No word on whether gay journos might be granted an exemption. Lightfoot is, of course, a Democrat. Chicago's last Republican mayor left office in 1931. Lightfoot is as racist as fellow Democrat George Wallace. (posted 5/24/21, permalink)

"To The Moon, Alice!" Joe Biden is asking for money to send "people of color" to the moon. He probably hasn't watched the 2004 mocumentary, 'The Old Negro Space Program', a ten-minute film produced and directed by Andy Bobrow.

Wikipedia summarized it thusly: "Using spaceships cobbled together from old rocket engines, landing capsules, a school bus, and a used Cadillac, NASSA quickly becomes a major player in the space race. Its members farm out across the country, barnstorming in small towns to raise money and becoming minor celebrities."

"On September 31, 1966, Suitcase Jefferson and Louie Hayes land their rocket-powered Coupe de Ville on the surface of the Moon and return safely to Earth."

One of the reasons that the first moon landing looked as white as an Osmond family reunion was that, by 1969, most black people had Afros too big to fit inside the space helmets of the period. (posted 4/16/21, permalink)

Who Matters? Everybody. Recently, Paul D. Entienne, Archbishop of Seattle, wrote in reference to George Floyd's death and the deaths of other blacks at the hands of police, "These deaths are tragic, and they expose a symptomatic and deep-seated connection between institutional racism and the continued erosion of the sanctity of life. If we do not respond appropriately as a society, we will be tacitly acquiescing to the ongoing killing of unarmed black men."

"Institutional racism," eh? It made me wonder who the real racists are. Sadly, black people are often their own worst enemies. For example, 93% of black homicide victims are killed by other blacks. The Wall Street Journal's Jason Riley noted, "Blacks commit violent crimes at 7 to 10 times the rate that whites do … black crime rates were lower in the 1940s and 1950s, when black poverty was higher and racial discrimination was rampant and legal." Blacks were responsible for 52% of all homicides between 1980 and 2008, despite composing just 13% of the population.

Then there's lost black babies. LifeSite News reported, "While black women make up only 6% of the U.S. population, they account for 35% of abortions reported. That doesn't include unreported and underreported abortions." It has been estimated that, since 1973, black women have had about 15 million abortions. A startling 2016 study exposed that in New York City, more black babies are aborted than there are born.

These facts indicate that Black Lives Matter is an empty slogan, which remains meaningless until the black community practices what it preaches.

Archbishop Entienne also wrote, "The fact that we were created in the image of God teaches us that each person is a living expression of God who must be respected and preserved and never dishonored." In other words, all lives matter. (posted 7/15/20, permalink)

Book Review: 'The Brown Bullet: Rajo Jack's Drive to Integrate Auto Racing' by Billl Poehler

Born Dewey Gatson in Texas, Rajo Jack was one of the first black race car drivers and became well-known to dirt track aficionados up and down the west coast during the period from the 1920s to the early 1950s. Despite the serious anti-black prejudice at the time - he was banned from some tracks and racing organizations, it was difficult to get meals, lodging or even gas while on the road - he manage to find places to race and win.

Rajo Jack was a skilled driver and eventually ... (more >>>)

Black Privilege: Two employees of a bakery in Northeast Portland were fired earlier this month for denying a black woman service because the business had closed for the night. Back To Eden Bakery released several public apologies and statements following the incident, before letting the employees go. In one Facebook post, John Blomgren, the bakery's spineless co-owner wrote, "We are doing business in a gentrified neighborhood in a racist city within a racist state of a racist country."

Lemme tell ya, Northeast Portland is hardly gentrified, especially 22nd and Alberta St. where the bakery is located. It remains a high-crime area, especially at night. Furthermore, in my experience, Portland and the state of Oregon are some of the least racist areas of the U.S.

In one statement, Back To Eden Bakery said that, according to its own surveillance video, Lillian M. Green - Equity Director for the State of Oregon, a black woman who is a "well-known activist," entered at 9:06 pm, after the bakery's closing time. Employees had also turned off the 'Open' sign, but several customers who were waiting for orders were still inside. Two other white women, who arrived at the bakery two minutes before Lillian, were also informed that the business was closed and were also turned away.

As for the two female employees who were summarily fired ... (more >>>)

Culture Of Death vs. Culture Of God: David P. Goldman wrote that if black America were a country, it would have the highest murder rate in the world. "Black Americans are still eight times more likely to be murdered than whites and seven times more likely to commit murder, according to the FBI. An incredible one-third of black men in their 30s have been in prison."

These statistics are both dismal and eye-opening. But there are glimmers of hope.

On Sunday (Father's Day), hundreds of people returned to Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, four days after a shooting there killed nine African-Americans. It's less than a week since the unthinkable happened here - nine members of the Bible study group were ruthlessly gunned down during a prayer meeting.

The shooter was a young white man, Dylann Roof, who said he wanted to "start a race war." At Roof's first court appearance, family members of the black victims appeared and answered him with forgiveness. These fine Christians did not let violence beget violence. Instead, they responded to this awful tragedy with grace and class.

"May we realize the power of love," said one pastor at Sunday's service. It's a sentiment many parishioners are invoking as a way to find strength in such dark times. Let all of us pray that those who grieve find consolation in their strong Christian faith and in the memories of their loved ones.

In related news, for the eighth year in a row, the entire senior class at Verbum Dei High School – an all-male college and career preparatory Jesuit Catholic high school in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles – has been accepted into college. The 68 seniors, many of whom are the first in their families to go to college, will be leaving their inner-city neighborhood to pursue higher education across the country. Most are black.

'The Verb', as the school is called, caters to low-income students – some of whom are behind in their academic standing by about two or three years.

"The school packs six to seven years of high school into four, and does so with a four-day school week. Administrators say that rigorous course work, small college preparatory classes, corporate work experience and a supportive environment from teachers and family is the key to students' success."

The work study portion of the program is through a partnership with Edison International. (posted 6/23/15, permalink)

A Prophet Without Honor In His Own Time: Fifty years ago, Daniel Patrick Moynihan issued an alarming report on the breakdown of the black family in urban ghettos. In a report titled, 'The Negro Family: The Case for Action', Assistant Secretary of Labor Moynihan warned that the deterioration of the black family would result in soaring crime rates if it continued unchecked.

Black leaders of 1965 were not happy with the content. Neither were many of Moynihan's liberal supporters.

Specifically, Mr. Moynihan wrote, "From the wild Irish slums of the 19th-century Eastern seaboard, to the riot-torn suburbs of Los Angeles, there is one unmistakable lesson in American history: A community that allows large numbers of young men to grow up in broken families, dominated by women, never acquiring any stable relationship to male authority, never acquiring any set of rational expectations about the future - that community asks for and gets chaos. Crime, violence, unrest, disorder are not only to be expected, they are very near to inevitable."

And so it came to pass. When Moynihan wrote these words, the illegitimacy rate among African-Americans was 25% while illegitimacy nationwide, stood at 7.7%. In the mid-1960s thanks largely to Great Society welfare policies (thank you, LBJ), the out-of-wedlock birth rate began to climb rapidly. Today, the out-of-wedlock rate for blacks is over 72% with even higher rates in inner cities.

To be fair, lower-class white people are trending similarly although at lower out-of-wedlock rates, according to 'Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010' by Charles Murray. Murray pointed out that lower class whites have lost the inspirational effect of living among their social betters and experience erosion of values: work, faith, community and family. Murray confirmed my feeling that the lower classes are turning into a real-world version of the old 'Jerry Springer Show'.

Baltimore native Ellen Sauerbrey recently wrote, "Until the 1960s, there were strong social sanctions against unwed motherhood. But when Lyndon Johnson launched the Great Society, welfare payments, food stamps, government housing and Medicaid enabled unwed teens to have their babies without fear of consequences."

Sadly, time has proven that Moynihan was absolutely correct in his predictions. (posted 6/8/15, permalink)

Shortest-Lived Slogan Since New Coke: Of course, I'm talking about "Black Lives Matter," which made its first appearance as a hashtag during the recent riots in Baltimore. Over Memorial Day Weekend 2015, the total stats for Chicago and Baltimore: 63 shot, 21 dead. This is strictly black-on-black violence.

Apparently no police or white people are to blame, so there won't be any protest marches or riots. Nor will there be appearances by Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or that new Attorney General. No press conferences have been scheduled.

"It's the deadliest month Baltimore has seen in more than 15 years. More than two dozen shootings over the holiday weekend alone have city police working around the clock."

One of the injured in Chicago was a four year-old girl, Jacele Johnson, who was shot in the head at about 8:00 pm Friday. She and her 17-year-old cousin Romare Wilson were inside an SUV in the 7000 block of South Justine when another vehicle pulled up and someone inside opened fire, according to their family and Chicago Police. The girl was taken to Comer Children's Hospital in critical condition. The four year-old has since been upgraded to fair condition.

William Katz wrote, "Maybe the mayor of Baltimore, who shot off her mouth regularly over the recent police incident, might take some action. I thought black lives mattered. They apparently matter only when they're politically useful. It is a typical approach of the political left – a human being is only a political object. Recall please the slogan, "The personal it political." You're seeing it played out."

Sadly, Americans seem to see these regular incidents as normal. It's a powerful and sad testament to how anesthetized we have become to this ongoing street violence. (posted 5/27/15, permalink)

Racial Unrest: Black Conservative Thomas Sowell is dismayed by the riots in Baltimore.

"In a world where the truth means so little, and headstrong preconceptions seem to be all that matter, what hope is there for rational words or rational behavior, much less mutual understanding across racial lines?"

There is a general assumption that "whatever social problems exist in ghetto communities as being caused by the sins or negligence of whites, whether racism in general or a "legacy of slavery" in particular. Like most emotionally powerful visions, it is seldom, if ever, subjected to the test of evidence."

"You would be hard-pressed to find as many ghetto riots prior to the 1960s as we have seen just in the past year, much less in the 50 years since a wave of such riots swept across the country in 1965. We are told that such riots are a result of black poverty and white racism. But in fact - for those who still have some respect for facts - black poverty was far worse, and white racism was far worse, prior to 1960. But violent crime within black ghettos was far less.

You cannot take any people, of any color, and exempt them from the requirements of civilization without ruinous consequences to them and to society at large. Murder rates among black males were going down - repeat, down - during the much-lamented 1950s, while it went up after the much celebrated 1960s, reaching levels more than double what they had been before.

Most black children were raised in two-parent families prior to the 1960s. But today the great majority of black children are raised in one-parent families."

The entire article is worth a read. I've written more about Baltimore here.

The Saddest Thing ... about this week's Ferguson, MO riots is that most of the businesses which were burned, looted or destroyed were locally-owned by hard-working minority entrepreneurs. Fire Departments around the St. Louis County Area put out 25 structural fires caused by vandals and looters.

Entrepreneurs in general are becoming an endangered species and there are disproportionately few black ones. Many of these destroyed businesses will never be rebuilt, so, perhaps, the most lasting and most noticeable effect of the riots will be a further reduction in black capitalism.

None of the mainstream media seemed to be talking about that. Neither did our Idiot-in-Chief, Barry O., who took to the airwaves in prime time to opine that the grand jury's decision was probably wrong and that police officers shouldn't respond violently to protests - even though many of the 'protesters' were throwing stones and bricks at police. And shooting off guns.

And the beat goes on. (posted 11-26-14, permalink)

Another Black Perspective: Jason Riley of The Wall Street Journal weighed in on the Ferguson, Missouri Riots on Fox News Special Report. "We don't have all the evidence and I'm hesitant to try and litigate this in the press, but there's also this false narrative being pushed out there by folks like Michael Eric Dyson and [Al] Sharpton and the rest of the hustlers is that black men live in fear of being shot by cops in these neighborhoods. That too is nonsense. I know something about growing up black and male in the inner city and it's not that hard to avoid getting shot by a cop. They pull you over, you answer their questions, you are on your way.

The real difficulty is not getting shot by other black people if you are a young black man in these neighborhoods and again that is something we need to talk more about. Cops are not the problem. Cops are not producing these black bodies in the morgues every weekend in Chicago, in New York and Detroit and so forth. That's not cops. It's those other black people shooting black people."

Former liberal Roger L. Simon posited that the real villan of Ferguson - a suburb of St Louis - is Lyndon Johnson's Great Society. I couldn't agree more. He wrote, "The Great Society, which I voted for and supported from the bottom of my heart, is the villain behind Ferguson. Ferguson is the Great Society writ large because the Great Society convinced, and then reassured, black people that they were victims, taught them that being a victim and playing a victim was the way to go always and forever. And then it repeated the point ad infinitum from its debut in 1964 until now - a conveniently easy to compute fifty years - as it all became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The Great Society and similar policies screwed black people to the wall. It was racist to the core without knowing it."

But they do get free Obamaphones.

Ol' Remus wrote of the sad town of Ferguson, "About two-thirds of residents are now black. Fewer than half of the approximately 9,100 homes are owner-occupied, and about a quarter of residents live below the federal poverty level. Several North County school districts - including the Normandy system from which Brown recently graduated - have lost state accreditation because of declining test scores and other academic shortcomings."

"Ferguson was once a middle-class suburb of Saint Louis, now, along with all of North Saint Louis, it's being subsumed by East Saint Louis, itself a pest-hole rivaling Port au Prince. Maybe even Detroit. "Community"? Looters, dopers, moronic thuggers, arsonists, activists and other criminal psychopaths do not a community make. Real communities don't go from rumors to looting to burning the place down in a matter of hours."

Remus also pointed out that there "was a time when rioters and looters were shot on sight with every weapon that came to hand, including artillery in the nineteenth century. The Ferguson and State police were content to observe them from behind armor and bulletproof glass, even when the mob used gasoline bombs. The law-abiding citizen may rightly ask, what are all the military vehicles and weaponry for? Shall they next be serving pot and donuts to rioters? How are the police not accomplices if they disregard their sworn duty and announce it in advance? Are they not effectively protecting the looters?" Good question.

Where is the justice for the shopkeepers and business owners whose enterprises were destroyed by these black mobs? (posted 8-21-14, permalink)

Not A Good Trend: For those "born in the mid- to late-1930s who didn't finish high school, there were more than ten black men in their early 20s working for every one black man in that age group in jail in the mid-1950s. For black men born in the mid-1970s and after who didn't graduate from high school, there have been more of them in jail than working by their early 20s. For the most recent cohort group born between 1985 and 1989, there are 122 black high school dropouts ages 20-24 currently in jail for every 100 black male high school dropouts currently working."

The chart above displays the share of black male high school dropouts ages 20-24 who are employed (blue line) versus the share that are institutionalized (mostly in jail) for various birth years starting in 1935.

Economist Mark J. Perry wrote, "How do we account for the disturbing trend in the graph above of the increased incarceration rate of young black men who also face declining rates of employment? Here are a few ideas: a) the War on Poverty and the accompanying growth of the Welfare State, b) the declining quality of government-run, unionized public schools, c) the minimum wage law, and d) the War on Drugs." I would add e) the break-up of the nuclear family. (posted 8-19-14, permalink)

No Diversity Here: Trader Joe's grocery-store chain has dropped a plan to open a new store in the heart of Portland's historically African-American neighborhood after liberal activists said the development in a run-down part of northeast Portland would gentrify the area, driving up retail prices and price black residents out of the area.

Trader Joe's would have built a store on a lot at Northeast Alberta Street and Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard which has been vacant for years.

The Portland African American Leadership Forum and other progressive activist groups said the development would displace residents and perpetuate income inequality in one of the most rapidly gentrifying ZIP codes in the nation. It sent the city a letter saying it would "remain opposed to any development in N/NE Portland that does not primarily benefit the Black community." It said the grocery-store development would "increase the desirability of the neighborhood" for "non-oppressed populations."

Black leaders must maintain segregation, even if they have to do it themselves, to keep the "civil rights" gravy train running and to maintain a full plate of faux grievances. (posted 2-28-14, permalink)

Motor City Meltdown: In July 2013, the city of Detroit declared itself bankrupt - the largest municipal bankruptcy case in U.S. history. The blighted metropolis is a mess. Detroit has an unemployment rate of 20%. The homicide rate is one of the highest in the nation. Detroiters wait an average of 58 minutes for police to respond to a call; the national average is 9-11 minutes. 40% of the city's street lights are out. 78,000 structures within the city limits have been abandoned and Detroit is in the red for $18 billion or so.

the view through the windshield

The mighty municipality that once produced shiny new automobiles at a rate higher than anywhere else on earth is now a shadow of its former self.

Blogger Dewey from Detroit - who actually lives in the Motor City - wrote, "What sort of malignant, greedy, hateful racists would not only allow this once magnificent city to self-immolate but actively participate in its demise through racist acts of willful negligence and outright theft?

The usual kind, our leaders: Coleman A. Young, Kwame Kilpatrick." Black politicians. In many cases, crooked ones. In October 2013, former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was sentenced to 28 years in prison after he was convicted two dozen federal charges.

"Detroit has been served exclusively by Democrat leadership since 1962, and exclusively black Democratic leadership since 1974. Coincident with that 50 year period the city began a steady state of entropy that culminated in the bankruptcy filing yesterday."

"Nevertheless, the race mongers will be on scene shortly to file charges against a "system" rife with racial animus for causing the collapse of Detroit."

So what else is new? In 1911 - over one hundred years ago, Booker T. Washington, legendary African-American educator, author, orator and advisor to presidents of the United States, wrote, "There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs-partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs."

Blogger Dewey continued, "Let the record reflect that Detroit, which has been grappling with an explosive crime rate for decades, has also had a black police chief for decades; that the city where the infamous "Devil's Night fires" were invented has a black Fire Commissioner.

Note too that Detroit, led by a black mayor and black city counsel for 40 years, also has one of the most abysmal public school systems in the country. In Detroit, fewer than 25% of its students graduate high school, and many who do are still functionally illiterate. Of those managing to graduate from the Detroit school system with aspirations of higher education, only 2.3% of them are deemed to be "college ready" based on their ACT scores. The school system too has been led by a black Superintendent and a black Board of Education, for decades."

"If we are to address the real issues that caused the implosion of a once great American city, we are going to have to discuss race because it is not just a card in somebody's hand, it is the entire fixed deck. Let's have an honest discussion regarding the flagrant use of racial pandering, victimization and exploitation for personal and political gain. Let's talk about why the city's civic jewels were bequeathed to the city's black population; and let's examine why they have been so devalued ever since. Let's discuss how a city exclusively run by Democrats and blacks has spent the better part of half a century circling the drain.

Let's honestly discuss who and what is "holding the black man down" in Detroit because, brother, it most assuredly isn't white America any more."

In Detroit, Washington Post columnist George Will has pointed out, "3% of fourth graders reading at the national math standards. 47% of Detroit residents are functionally illiterate. 79% of Detroit children are born to unmarried mothers." Will indicated that Detroit's failure is not just "fiscal problem. They have a cultural collapse."

Dewey reminded readers that "if Obama had a city, it would look like Detroit." He noted that "Detroit is a city comprised of 90% black citizens. They consistently elect almost exclusively blacks to run the city government and fill the school board seats. Blacks have run the city's fiscal affairs for 40 years, they have staffed and provided city services for nearly as long. In Detroit – a city of blacks for blacks and by blacks - blacks have not just been part of "the system" they are the system."

While Dewey has framed Detroit's demise on racial terms, it is important to remember that the city's dire problems were caused by a political philosophy. Margaret Thatcher once observed that the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money.

Here's just one example of socialist waste in - unsurprisingly - the area of mass transit: The Detroit People Mover opened in 1987; it is an elevated rail system that loops though downtown. It is a money-losing disaster. The Mover costs $12 million annually in city and state subsidies to run. The cost per passenger mile was $4.26 in 2009 - more than five times the cost of a typical Detroit bus route. By comparison, the New York City Subway operates at 30¢ per passenger mile.

auto blogLike many northern cities, Detroit has lost much of its once-mighty industrial base. Auto assembly is now concentrated in the southern states, Mexico and offshore. Detroit's politicians never did any sensible belt-tightening to manage the decline in population/revenues. They figured the carnival ride would never end. Or, if it did, it would happen on someone else's watch. They also never made any serious effort to attract new industry. Or to make the metropolis attractive to fast-growing, non-automotive companies.

Dewey wrote, "In the face of government incompetence, it was the people of Detroit who went on strike. Detroit lost a quarter-million residents between 2000 and 2010. A population that in the 1950s teemed with 1.8 million is struggling to stay above 700,000. Much of the middle-class and scores of businesses also have fled, taking their tax dollars with them." No wonder - most couldn't find a job.

In the 1970s, I used to travel to Detroit on a regular basis. It was neither better or worse than any other large industrial city. It had some very nice areas and some seedy ones. When I lasted visited Detroit in 1995, I was struck by the streets - they were in terrible shape. In fact, you could tell when you were leaving the city limits strictly by improved roads.

There are no easy answers to Detroit's problems. Electing more stupid, arrogant, self-serving politicians - regardless of their ethnicity - certainly isn't going to help. (posted 7-22-13, permalink)

The Unbearable Dumbness Of Diversity: A recent article in the Costco Connection carried this headline:

joe sherlock blog

The article urges business owners to become more "culturally intelligent." No measurable benefits are touted. Are there stories told of craggy old white guys who ... (more >>>)

A Message From Your Racist-In-Chief: Barack Obama told a group of graduating black students, "as an African American, you have to work twice as hard as anyone else if you want to get by."

It is amazing that such resentment emanates from a guy who got elected for one reason - his skin color.

In our Affirmative Action world, if you're black and work for any large organization or public institution, you only you have to work half as hard to get by. Adults with a good work ethic - whites, blacks and others - seethe over this gaming of the system by lazy minorities. (posted 5-21-13, permalink)

The Black Death: Over 86 years, the Ku Klux Klan lynched 3,446 blacks – a figure matched in less than four days if tallying the number of black babies who are aborted.

Walter Hoye, founder and president of the Issues4Life Foundation, shared those statistics at a press conference where black clergy and other leaders gathered in response to the guilty verdict in the trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell, who was convicted of murdering three newborn babies.

"Since 1973, abortion on demand in black America has taken more lives than homicides, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and HIV/AIDS combined and has become the number one cause of death in the black community," Hoye said. (posted 5-17-13, permalink)

White People Just Go There To Eat Pancakes: Over the weekend, there was another black fight at an iHOP - this one in Newark, NJ. One person is dead and two others have been listed as critical following the shooting at an International House of Pancakes.

What the hell do they argue about? Syrup? (posted 3-26-13, permalink)

No Longer The City Of Brotherly Love: Philadelphia magazine has posted an article titled 'Being White In Philly' about white/black relations and how blacks perpetually use the race card and/or violence to intimidate white people.

Excerpt: "On a warm Sunday in October, I buttonhole a woman I'll call Anna, a tall, slim, dark-haired beauty from Moscow getting out of her BMW on an alley just south of Girard College. Anna goes to a local law school, works downtown at a law firm, and proceeds to let me have it when we start talking about race in her neighborhood."

"I've been here for two years, I'm almost done," she says. "Blacks use skin color as an excuse. Discrimination is an excuse, instead of moving forward. … It's a shame - you pay taxes, they're not doing anything except sitting on porches smoking pot … Why do you support them when they won't work, just make babies and smoking pot? I walk to work in Center City, black guys make compliments, 'Hey beautiful. Hey sweetie.' White people look but don't make comments."

Author Robert Huber noted, "That's the other surprise: If you're not an American, the absence of a historical filter results in a raw view focused strictly on the here and now. I meet a contractor from Maine named Adrian, who brought his Panamanian wife to live here, at 19th and Girard, where she saw fighting and drug deals and general bad behavior at the edge of Brewerytown. It all had her convinced there is a "moral poverty" among inner-city blacks."

There are over 3,200 posted comments on Philly mag's website and they also make for an interesting read. Many carried the meme: "Yep, this story is all too familiar to me and that's why I got out of Philly." Having lived almost half my life in the Philadelphia area and having witnessed the decline of the city, I feel a kinship with many of these commenters.

I last visited Philadelphia in 2011 and have no plans on return to this blighted environment. Our wanderings reminded us of how far Philly has fallen. It is still a city full of lovely parks with fingers extending in every direction so that a verdant setting with shade from leafy trees can be found in the most unexpected places. Like a car with terminal rust, there are still some shiny spots - revivals of some neighborhoods and other communities which have always been kept up. But they are islands in a large sea of corrosive decline.

Unfortunately, as a whole, the city is decaying badly and on the verge of becoming a giant ghetto. Many industrial buildings are now empty. Businesses have moved elsewhere, driven away by high taxes and lousy services. Fewer employment opportunities mean increased poverty and, of course, more crime.

The mayor of Philadelphia, Michael Nutter - who is black, said that the Philadelphia magazine article "aggregates the disparaging beliefs, the negative stereotypes, the ignorant condemnations typically and historically ascribed to African-American citizens into one pathetic, uninformed essay quoting Philadelphia residents."

Nutter went on to issue threats: "I therefore request that the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations ... consider specifically whether Philadelphia magazine and the writer, Bob Huber, are appropriate for rebuke by the Commission in light of the potentially inflammatory effect and the reckless endangerment to Philadelphia's racial relations possibly caused by the essay's unsubstantiated assertions."

It should be noted Philly's HRC is composed of a bunch of head-nodding hacks and agenda-driven activists and is currently headed by Rue Landau, a radical activist who had formerly cochaired the Liberty City Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Democratic Club. Landau quickly got to work replacing eight of the nine appointed commissioners with more politically reliable people. (The Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations spent two years and untold amounts of taxpayer dollars investigating Geno's, the quintessential Philly steak joint, for hanging a sign asking customers to order in English.)

Mark Hemmingway of The Weekly Standard wrote: "There you have it. Philadelphia magazine now faces the threat of fines and other legal sanctions for publishing an article the mayor dislikes. If anyone thought 'Being White in Philly' was unconvincing in its claim that you can't have frank discussions about race in the city, well, we now know how right it was. And while Philadelphia magazine's article is hardly above criticism, nothing in the essay is as racist as Mayor Nutter's assertion that merely reading about stereotypes will lead to panic and violence."

In 1950, the black population of Philadelphia was just under 20%. Most were in working households where almost no one was 'on the dole'. By 1960, blacks had jumped to 30%. In 1964, there were race riots in North Philadelphia. Hundreds were injured or arrested and more than 200 stores in North Philly were damaged or destroyed in three days of rioting. Many never reopened. No black entrepreneurs or coalitions stepped forward to fix these neighborhoods and/or create black-owned local businesses. White flight accelerated in the next decade. Today blacks make up almost 50% of Philadelphia's population. In 2011, Philly had the highest per-capita murder rate in the U.S.

This is not about racism. It is about a bankrupt, thug culture of uncaring, absent fathers, welfare-based poverty, poor education and self-defeating behavior - all aided and abetted by disingenuous "leaders" - self-serving liberals who populate Democratic party, the black race-baiters who cry 'racist' every time things don't go their way (or when their 'business' is slow). If Al Sharpton were white, he'd be a shunned, disgraced figure who would never be allowed to appear on television.

Until ghetto blacks learn self-respect and embrace the culture of the American dream, things will only get worse. (posted 3-20-13, permalink)

Book Review: 'Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama' by Ann Coulter

On television, Ms. Coulter is a bombastic flame-thrower of sound bites. In book form, she is caustic at times but supports her positions with well-researched facts (35 pages of citations and notes).

In this book, Ann examines the race-husting, self-serving liberals who populate Democratic party, the black race-baiters who cry 'racist' every time things don't go their way (or when their 'business' is slow). If Al Sharpton were white, he'd be ... (more >>>)

A Credit To His Race: U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., the useless spawn of America's Top Race-Baiter, hasn't worked in several months while being treated for mental illness or drug dependency or something, but has somehow managed to stay in office and collect his paycheck.

Rep. Jackson's campaign finances are now the subject of a federal probe after the congressman allegedly improperly used campaign money to decorate his home. This probe is unrelated to allegations Jackson tried to cut a deal with former Governor Rod Blagojevich to take now-President Barack Obama's former Senate seat. Those claims are still under review by a House Ethics Committee.

Jammie asked, "How does someone making Congressman money afford a $2.5 million house? And if his wife is an alderman in Chicago, why does she live in DC?"

And there's more: Gawker reported that "last week, (Jackson) was seen convalescing in a DC bar with two different women on two consecutive nights." J3 has previously confessed to using campaign contributions to fly a cocktail waitress from Washington to Chicago ... more than once.

Jesse Jr. is just one more black crooked pol. Con Underground has written that the Congressional Black Caucus "is probably the most corrupt and unethical national political body in America. What is truly astonishing is not just the number and scope of investigations and ethical inquiries into its member's political and business affairs."

The website provides numerous examples to back up its claim.

These representatives set a bad example and poorly serve the needs of their black constituents. Instead of offering a helping hand towards prosperity, they hand out chits while lining their own pockets. Sad. (posted 10-19-12, permalink)

Democratic Crooks: The House Ethics Committee issued a blistering report last week finding Rep. Laura Richardson guilty of improperly pressuring her official staff to campaign for her, destroying evidence and tampering with witness testimony.

"In an unusually scathing 16-page report, the Ethics panel depicted the California Democrat as acting with 'utter disdain' for the secretive committee, which Richardson has accused of evincing racist overtones in its investigation of black members."

Richardson is black. As are Richardson's chief of staff, Shirley W. Cooks, and deputy district director Daysha Austin, who received public letters of reproval from the committee.

"Richardson's views weave an elaborate fabrication out of threads of decontextualized evidence and outright prevarication, in an absurd attempt to rebut the majority of the tremendous evidence against her," the report stated.

After delaying her interview with the committee, Richardson finally agreed to sit down with panel investigators in June and answer their questions. But Richardson soon began complaining about how long the interview was taking and "ultimately demanded that it end so she could participate in an annual congressional softball game." Arrogant, unrepentant Ms. Richardson never rescheduled a follow-up interview with the committee.

In related news, Rep. John Conyers (D-Michigan), whom the Detroit News has called "part showman, part junkyard dog, part evangelist", continues to be dogged by scandal. He is a founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus.

His wife, Monica, the disgraced former president of the Detroit City Council, is serving a 37-month federal prison sentence after pleading guilty to bribery conspiracy charges. The suggestion that John Conyers was implicated in his wife's scandal has hurt him politically, even though he has not yet been charged or accused of criminal wrongdoing. Despite his salary of almost $175,000 a year, taxpayers picked up the tab for Mrs. Conyers legal defense.

In 2006, Conyers was the subject of a House Ethics Committee investigation. Staffers complained that he and the missus used them as baby sitters, chauffeurs for the children, and personal errand boys.

The committee concluded that Conyers did those things, but no action was necessary because "he now understood that such things were wrong." Would they have been so lenient if he was a white Republican? (posted 8-7-12, permalink)

More Senseless Amish Violence: A huge house party broken up by police in a North Jacksonville, Florida ended with one man shot in the leg as he and hundreds of other partygoers fled the officers' arrival.

The 20-year-old told police he heard several gunshots, so he started running. He stumbled and fell, which is when he realized he had been shot. He said he didn't see a gun or anyone who could have shot him since "the crowd of people was so large."

Hundreds of the "partiers" then ignited a flash mob if more than 300 at a nearby Wal-Mart Supercenter. They took over the produce section and caused havoc. More shots were fired during the fracas.

Closer to home, a flash mob targeted a Troutdale, Oregon supermarket. As many as 40 teen thugs entered the Albertsons at 25691 SE Stark Street at the same time and started stealing things and terrorizing customers.

Two people were killed and at least 19 injured in a shooting at an outdoor block party in Toronto, Canada. It was referred to as a "Hennesey Party" since that was the liquor of choice.

Oh, wait. Did I say they were Amish? Ooops - sorry, they were black. Or, as liberals call them, "disadvantaged yoots." Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson had no comment on these 'incidents'.

Thomas Sowell, a prominent black author, economist, social theorist and political philosopher, had something to say: "Where the violence is too widespread and too widely known locally to be ignored, both the local media and public officials often describe what happened as unspecified "young people" attacking unspecified victims for unspecified reasons. But videos of the attacks often reveal both the racial nature of these attacks and the racial hostility expressed by the attackers.

Are race riots not news?" He noted that, in Chicago - where such black mob attacks have become almost commonplace, "neither these officials nor the mayor nor most of the media use that four-letter word, "race." It would not be politically correct or politically convenient in an election year."

Sowell continued, "The dangers to the nation as a whole are an even bigger problem. The truth has a way of eventually coming out, in spite of media silence and politicians' spin. If the truth becomes widely known, and a white backlash follows, turning one-way race riots into two-way race riots, then a cycle of revenge and counter-revenge can spiral out of control, as has already happened in too many other countries around the world."

"Race hustlers and mob inciters like Al Sharpton represent such polarizing forces in America today. Yet Sharpton has become a White House adviser, and Attorney General Eric Holder has been photographed literally embracing him."

Meanwhile, the violence continues unabated. (posted 7-19-12, permalink)

Preaching To A Hostile Choir: Mitt Romney gave a very good speech at the NAACP convention, often articulating conservative principles. He was booed by some when he promised to repeal Obamacare. But he continued on with his speech of optimism mixed with realism. It was more than President Barack Obama did; he was a no-show after his appearance was touted in convention programs.

Excerpt: "I believe that if you understood who I truly am in my heart, and if it were possible to fully communicate what I believe is in the real, enduring best interest of African American families, you would vote for me for president. I want you to know that if I did not believe that my policies and my leadership would help families of color - and families of any color - more than the policies and leadership of President Obama, I would not be running for president.

The opposition charges that I and people in my party are running for office to help the rich. Nonsense. The rich will do just fine whether I am elected or not. The President wants to make this a campaign about blaming the rich. I want to make this a campaign about helping the middle class.

I am running for president because I know that my policies and vision will help hundreds of millions of middle class Americans of all races, will lift people from poverty, and will help prevent people from becoming poor. My campaign is about helping the people who need help. The course the President has set has not done that – and will not do that. My course will."

More: "As you may have heard from my opponent, I am also a believer in the free-enterprise system. I believe it can bring change where so many well-meaning government programs have failed. I've never heard anyone look around an impoverished neighborhood and say, 'You know, there's too much free enterprise around here. Too many shops, too many jobs, too many people putting money in the bank.'"

Most convention attendees interviewed by reporters had nothing good to say about Romney. Lavern Crump, a Houston woman "wearing two Obama buttons and an image of the president's face across her long T-shirt, personified exactly what, and who, Romney was up against," according to a report in the Houston Chronicle.

"The 56-year-old grandmother and child advocate acknowledged there was nothing Romney could have said that would make her vote for him. It's not just his politics, she said, it's the fact that he's trying to unseat a black president it took this nation more than 200 years to elect."

So much for the content of a candidate's character - it's all about the color of your skin, according to Lavern. Racism flourishes even among grandmother "child advocates" of a particular hue.

I think that Mitt speaking at the NAACP was a brilliant move. He'll never garner much support from the black community, most of whom continue to be mesmerized by Democratic lies, starting with The Great Society which pretty much destroyed black famlies. Mitt Romney's speech was given to remove one more talking point from the lefty media; the speech was also directed at Independents of all races.

At least one news report offered a different take on the proceedings. Humor site Big Hairy News reported, "Presidential candidate Mitt Romney was beaten and robbed during his address before the National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People (NAACP). Romney had barely begun his address when a mob of approximately 50-100 colored people swarmed the stage, beating the candidate and stealing his watch and items from his pockets."

Oops. Guilty of too much stereotyping, I guess. Or, maybe the attackers were just another flash mob.

Vice President and Buffoon-in-Chief Joe Biden showed up at the NAACP convention the very next day and warned attendees that Mitt Romney and the GOP want to take away their civil rights. "They see a different future, where voting is made harder, not easier - where the Justice Department is even prohibited from challenging any of those efforts to suppress votes." That's the ticket, Joe. Invoke that old "Civil Rights" phrase. Scare 'em with "they" and "them." The Republican boogie man's gonna get ya.

Speaking of civil rights, I remember that the Trocadero, a Philadelphia burlesque joint, got its first black stripper in the late 1960s. Her stage name? Sybil Wrights. The Troc was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. I don't know what happened to Sybil. Maybe she was at the convention. (posted 7-15-12, permalink)

I Don't Really See A Downside To This: Rodney King - he of three wives, multiple arrests and videotaped beating fame - has died at age 47. TMZ has reported that King's fiancée told friends that "Rodney had been drinking all day Saturday ... and had smoked weed in the hours leading up to his death."

Cynthia Kelley said that she "saw King at around 5:00 am when she was awoken by him screaming in the backyard. Our sources say Kelley found King naked, banging on the glass, and she called out to him, "What's wrong, Rodney?" She grabbed her phone when she heard a big splash. She then went to the backyard and discovered him in the bottom of the pool and called police."

Update (8/23/12): Rodney King died from accidental drowning; alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, PCP found in his blood According to the San Bernardino County coroner, King was "in a state of drug and alcohol-induced delirium" and "either fell or jumped into the swimming pool."

King's fifteen minutes of fame began ... (more >>>)

It Costs Money To Get In The Race Card Game: Daniel Greenfield has written, "The grievance theater is never really about the specific case, the specific shooting, it's about the links between the social problems of the black community, the compromises of civil liberties necessary to keep entire cities from turning into Detroit and the inability of the media to address the sources of crime as anything but the phantoms of white racism.

It's about a black leadership that is more interested in posturing as angry activists and shaking loose some money, than in healing their own community's problems. And so the same story repeats itself again and again without an honest dialogue or anything meaningful coming out of it."

"Grievance theater isn't about race, it's not about slavery, police brutality or separate lunch counters, it's about power and money. Black politicians are not fundamentally different from white ones. They have more in common with their white colleagues than they do with their own communities. The only difference is that they are playing with the race cards they have been dealt.

The ghetto didn't evolve naturally, it was created through a web of national and local government regulations that played with real estate, social welfare, voting districts and the manufacturing sector to achieve the desired results. We don't have to have ghettos, we have them because at one point they were convenient for a number of political interests and because they were the unintended side-effect of a number of socialist policies.

The ghetto farms black communities for votes and more importantly for subsidies. For every dollar that is taken to help minorities, a penny goes to the problem and ninety-nine cents goes to the hucksters, the administrators, the bureaucrats, the wives of influential pols hired on massive salaries to oversee some aspect of the program, the experts who monitor compliance, the affirmative action contractors who charge four times as much to build a school or provide meals, the unions who have the exclusive right to service the program, the slumlords who administer affordable housing and finally the politicians who have the money kicked back to them by all of the above.

When you look closely at where the school property tax money goes, why health care is so expensive and why so much money has to be spent on housing, a big chunk of it goes here. It's the hole in our budget ozone layer and it can never be filled, because it is designed never to be filled. For a sizable number of influential people, both black and white, the black community's social problems are a cash cow. The grievance theater is their way of collecting protection money and making sure that no one pays too much attention to what's really wrong."

Thanks, Daniel, for saying so elegantly what's in the back of every taxpayer's mind.

Juan Williams bemoaned on the misdirection of professional grievance mongers, asking, "But what about all the other young black murder victims? Nationally, nearly half of all murder victims are black. And the overwhelming majority of those black people are killed by other black people. Where is the march for them?

Where is the march against the drug dealers who prey on young black people? Where is the march against bad schools, with their 50% dropout rate for black teenaged boys? Those failed schools are certainly guilty of creating the shameful 40% unemployment rate for black teens.

How about marching against the cable television shows constantly offering minstrel-show images of black youth as rappers and comedians who don't value education, dismiss the importance of marriage, and celebrate killing people, drug money and jailhouse fashion - the pants falling down because the jail guard has taken away the belt, the shoes untied because the warden removed the shoe laces, and accessories such as the drug dealer's pit bull."

I think someone on the Fox News Sunday panel called the ghetto thug look "jailhouse couture." A rcent New York Times headline puts things into perspective: '96% of NYC Shooting Victims and 90 Percent of Murder Victims are Black or Latino, Most Shot by Other Blacks or Latinos'.

Greenfield concluded, "No matter what happens to George Zimmerman or what we learn about Trayvon Martin, the country has been turned into unwilling participants in a national drama that places a distorted idea of race at the center of our identity for the benefit of the same hucksters and politicians who have destroyed the city and are hard at work destroying the country."

As A Counterbalance ... to all this pessimism about black America, I would point out that Fox News Sunday's Power Player of the Week turned the spotlight on Dr. Ben Carson, Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkin Hospital. Despite being born to a 13 year-old single mother in a run-down section of Detroit, Carson became a great success. His mom forced her children to read books and write book reports on them. She cheered them on to be good students, 'checking' their studies, despite being illiterate herself. Good parenting counts, whether the parent is undereducated or a PhD. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young were right: Teach your children well.

In 1994, Carson and his wife, Candy founded Carson Scholars Fund which "seeks to combat the American education crisis by discovering promise and rewarding excellence in our nation's youth through our Scholarship and Reading Room programs."

Dr. Carson has received numerous honors and many awards over the years, including over 61 honorary doctorate degrees. He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President George W. Bush in 2008. Quite an amazing guy. (posted 4-2-12, permalink)

Taking Lessons From The King Kids: The mother of black slain teenager Trayvon Martin recently "filed a trademark to protect the rights to his name as an attempt to control and collect funds from the masses of merchandise being produced in support of their cause." Sabrina Fulton has filed two petitions to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to specifically gain the rights to the phrases 'I Am Trayvon' and 'Justice For Trayvon'. Hmmm. "I have a dream ... "

Looking at her photo, she probably wants the money for more hair extensions. And all this time, I had thought that 'Trayvon' was the name of a Toyota model. You know, the one that looks like Obama's son, if he had one. (When she's angry, Michelle O. looks more like the front end of a Tundra Limited CrewMax Cab.)

Meanwhile, former NAACP leader C. L. Bryant has opined that the attention surrounding the case has turned it away from the actual issues at hand and created a circus around the death, calling out Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for exploiting the case to increase their own profiles. Amen. Thank you Mr. Bryant, for properly speaking out about these two race-baiting bottom-feeders. The duo live for this stuff, in the same way Batman and Robin live to solve Gotham's crimes.

Al and Jesse probably have a secret cave, too. What would they call it? The Bait Cave? The Bias Cave? Who plays the butler? Louis Farrakhan? Charlie Rangel? Now that Eartha Kitt is dead, will Maxine Waters play Catwoman? The possibilities are endless.

It is still not clear what actually transpired during the altercation and shooting although many microphone-worthy blacks have staked out the Racist Hate Crime Corner, making numerous incendiary remarks of their own. They have jumped on the ol' race bandwagon faster than a ravenous flash mob ransacks a Popeyes Chicken. Including short-statured filmaker and perpetual scowler Spike Lee, who has more hatred per inch of height than a midget on heavy steroids. Or NYT economist Paul Krugman.

Frank J. has asked the question everyone else was afraid to ask, "If Ted Kennedy had drowned a black kid in a hoodie, would that make the left not like him or would that also have been okay?"

Prominent liberals, who always cry for 'civility' and 'reason' when it suits their cause, have been strangely silent. Maybe they're afraid that they'll be dragged from their Priuses and forced into a game of Knockout King by a flock of Urban Youths.

The deceased is apparently not the angel he was portrayed to be. Trayvon Martin had been suspended multiple times - once for "graffiti" - but a search turned up a dozen pieces of jewelry - mostly women's and a suspicious large flathead screwdriver which apparently had been somehow modified so that it could be used burglary tool. The tatted 17 year-old may have also been a drug dealer.

At least one witness has reported that Trayvon was beating the daylights out of neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman just before Zimmerman fatally shot him.

This 'case' has more holes in it than a Tovolo stainless steel colander. Or the Duke University Lacrosse case - remember that? I'm not sure how all this is gonna end. Probably not well, though. (posted 3-28-12, permalink)

Black History Month? Didn't We Have That Last Year? How come they don't alternate and have White History Month this year? Or Asian History Month? Or Jewish History Month? Or Irish History Month?

A network - I can't remember which one - celebrated Black History Month by showing famous African-Americans. I've only seen two people mentioned - Ray Charles and Jackie Robinson. This is the best the network people could come up with? Perhaps next year they'll add Whitney Houston.

Imagine the outrage if there were an Italian-American History Month, celebrating only Frank Sinatra and Joe DiMaggio.

During the month, I saw no mention of those black people who profoundly changed America. Such as Dr. Charles Richard Drew, who not only revolutionized the medical profession by developing a way to store blood and plasma but also created the world's first blood bank. Or Garrett Morgan, who invented the first traffic signal.

It's a disgrace. And most black people are apparently OK with it. In fact, some are doing waaaay too much celebrating of Black History Month: an African-American woman crashed her BMW at 100 mph into a KFC on Martin Luther King Highway in Maryland. KFC?! MLK?! Talk about stereotyping - it sounds like something from 'The Cleveland Show'.

While we're on the subject of disgraces, I am appalled by Presidents' Day sales using images of George Washington peddling things like mattresses. "I cannot tell a lie. This Simmons Beautyrest is the most comfortable mattress I've ever slept in. And I've slept in many places. And, this weekend only, we're cutting down all our prices ... with a hatchet."

These same advertisers don't have the guts to use a cartoon Martin Luther King for their January sales. "I have a dream ... in fact, I have dreams every night because I sleep so soundly on my Serta mattress." (posted 2-27-12, permalink)

West Wisdom: Allen West, the black Republican U.S. representative from Florida and a Tea Party supporter, has written, "One of the primary tenets of socialist ideology is the creation of a welfare state, which is precisely what has happened in the black community. It is, in effect, a virtual plantation, where black Americans remain enslaved to damaging economic policies and poisonous attitudes of the rhetorical 'overseers' who continue to reinforce exploitive, negative mindsets.

The only way for black Americans - and all Americans for that matter - to enjoy the full fruits of economic freedom is by once again embracing the spirit of individualism and self-determination laid out in our Constitution and exemplified by true black leaders such as Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington. It is only by abandoning the damaging liberal progressive policies and throwing off the shackles of the victim mentality can black Americans finally be 'free at last.'"

Nearly 100 years later, when the initial Civil Rights Bill came before the full Senate in 1964, it was a group of 18 Southern Democrats who argued most fervently against its passage.

West has noted that "the liberal progressive policies passed during these last nearly five decades have perhaps done more damage to black Americans' prospects than the racial policies of the past. Unemployment in the black community stands at 16.7%, food stamp enrollment is up, and nearly three-quarters of all black children do not live with their biological fathers."

Welfare policies devised by the left allegedly to aid single mothers "have instead worked perversely to incentivize more young women to have children out of wedlock."

"High minimum wages advocated by labor unions - from whom Democrats receive tremendous financial support - mean employers are less apt to hire unskilled black youths, or any youths for that matter."

Finally, he addresses our failing, moribund educational system, which harms all students. "For the left, "spending on education" generally means job protection and preserving benefits for teachers, rather than actually improving education for students in public schools, where black students can build a foundation for economic advancement." (posted 11-30-11, permalink)

We Got The Beat: With apologies to the late, great Go-Go's, the song title seems applicable to the recent rash of black mob violence, including beatings at Wisconsin state fair where hundreds of young black people assaulted whites, even pulling fairgoers out of their cars.

Then there's those flash mob lootings and beatings in Philadelphia, Chicago and other urban areas. It makes me wonder if flash mobs are just a cruel, high-tech evolution of the culturally-embedded Talking Drums - a communication tradition still used in Africa.

In Peoria Illinois, a mob of blacks walked through a white neighborhood yelling "We need to kill all the white people around here."

A Christan Science Monitor article discussed another black 'pastime': "a game called 'Knockout King', played primarily by groups of black teenagers, where the point is to approach and quickly strike a stranger, often whites or immigrants, in an attempt to knock them unconscious with the first punch."

Even in Ireland, black hooligans are viciously beating up whites. "One man - a Dublin DJ - was almost killed in the attack as he suffered serious head injuries when he was set upon by the gang. The level of violence has shocked gardai and the many witnesses to the race hate orgy."

A black publication,, an organ of the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement, boasted that the mobs in Philly "are gatherings of young African people, male and female, who have come together to demonstrate their rejection of neocolonialist authority and rule." I call bullshit. Philadelphia has a black mayor and most of the power positions in the city are held by blacks. It's been that way for many years.

Flash mobs seem to be attacking only productive taxpayers. Apparently, not one of the mob members has a job or pays taxes. This is a classic 'bite the hand that feeds'. No one seems willing to stop these gangs of thugs. Law-abiding blacks are afraid. Cops are afraid, hamstrung by charges of racial profiling. Let's stop the madness. These are violent criminals committing hate crimes against another race.

Remember Kent State? There was one student riot. People were shot and killed. Kent State never had another riot. U.C. Berkeley has had continuing riots over something or other for almost 50 years. Why? Because no one ever fights back with deadly force. I rest my case.

Want to stop the riots and disperse the mob? Make the order of the day: 'Protect the innocent. Shoot to kill.'

Ann Coulter has the same idea. Regarding the riots in the U.K., she wrote, "A few well-placed rifle rounds, and the rioting would end in an instant. A more sustained attack on the rampaging mob might save England from itself, finally removing shaved-head, drunken parasites from the benefits rolls that Britain can't find the will to abolish on moral or utilitarian grounds. We can be sure there's no danger of killing off the next Winston Churchill or Edmund Burke in these crowds."

Bang. Bang. Yer dead. (posted 8-15-11, permalink)

Why They Name Their Fat Kids 'Tundra': An R.L. Polk study showed that Toyota accounted for "15% of all new car sales to African-American car buyers last year. Ford came in second at 11.7%, followed by Chevrolet, Honda and Nissan."

I remember when blacks were big GM buyers, particularly the Pontiac and Buick brands. Especially the Electra 225.

"Got me a Deuce and a Quarter, baby." As Fat Albert used to say, "Hey, Hey, Hey." (posted 5-3-11, permalink)

Sad But True Social Commentary: Bernie at Planck's Constant has offered an explanation of why we do not see videos of looters in Japan.

He noted that writer Larry Elder has pointed out that "Japan's percentage of people living below the poverty line is about the same as ours, ... why isn't the crime rate in Japan about the same as ours?"

Bernie has observed, "Despite what we have been taught crime has nothing to do with poverty but rather with culture and values. If the Tsunami rolled over Newark, Detroit, Philadelphia or Baltimore we certainly would have seen the kind of looting urban blacks are famous for after a disaster. The reason? Most young blacks living in poverty have not accepted American culture and American values and in fact have no culture and values at all."

"Ghetto culture is not a culture - it is a disease. Spending more money on inner city schools is a waste of time since schools cannot imbue culture. I believe young blacks who exhibit gangsta traits are lost souls and cannot be redeemed, saved or reprogrammed. What we have to do is to enforce sterilization upon crack whores (regardless of color) to try to limit the number of future lost souls."

"As for violent gang members, I am opposed to putting them in prison, they only learn more criminality and develop networks with other gangs. I favor their exile, banishment, or deportation to another land forbidden to ever return."

Larry Elder has written that San Francisco's Chinatown in the 1960s was one of the most impoverished areas in California, "yet tourists were not afraid to patronize Chinese restaurants or to walk about without fear of being accosted, raped, mugged, or killed."

"Because of their culture and values, the Chinese throughout America thrive. On the other hand, no sane person would knowingly enter a ghetto area to grab a bite to eat or to buy something. And so you do not see black retailers in ghettos except for barbershops."

Meanwhile, law-abiding blacks are leaving crime-ridden urban areas in droves. Walter Russell Mead has written, "The Census reported that waves of blue state blacks fled the stagnant job opportunities, high taxes and rotten social conditions of the mostly blue northern states to seek better lives for themselves in the south."

"First, according to the (New York) Times, the Blacks leaving tend to be the "younger and better educated". Second, the three states Blacks left in largest numbers don't just include snake-bit Michigan; the other two are Illinois and New York."

"Blacks across the North are fleeing the urban paradises of liberal legislation and high public union membership for the benighted suburbs."

Clement Price, a professor of history at Rutgers-Newark, commented, "The black urban experience has essentially lost its appeal with blacks in America."

Mead quipped, "When whites leave failing blue cities and states, the pundits call this racism: all those white Californians fleeing Nancy Pelosi's utopia for less ambitious jurisdictions where ordinary people can do things like get jobs and buy homes are clearly pathetic trailer trash hicks too dumb, too selfish and above all too racist to understand the gloriously multicultural blue beauty of California today.

So what are we going to call the young, educated Blacks making similar choices? Dumb cracker racists?" (posted 3-29-11, permalink)

And We Can Afford This ... How? With Washington state facing a $5 billion-and-growing shortfall, police and firemen being laid off and a stubborn 13.1% unemployment rate in Clark County, the state wasted money on this ridiculous campaign and video.

If you didn't live in the Evergreen State and you watched the video, you would think that 40% of the state is black. It's actually about 3%.

So is the WA State Department of Health video racist because it implies that black people need to wash their hands more often than the rest of us? Or does the program target them because the state thinks blacks never wash their hands? Just askin'. (posted 12-16-10, permalink)

"Bongo, Bongo Bongo, I Don't Wanna Help The Congo ..." Survivors of a river ferry disaster in the Democratic Republic of Congo were struck with paddles by fishermen as they tired to swim to safety.

More than 200 people were feared to have died after the boat laden with fuel and passengers caught fire and capsized during the night-time tragedy on the Kasi River. Just 15 people survived and some told how they tried to swim to the nearby fishermen who refused to come to their aid and ignored drowning passengers' pleas for help.

"Fishermen attacked the boat and started beating passengers with paddles as they were (trying) to loot goods," said one survivor. "The fishermen refused to save passengers, instead taking goods into their pirogues."

Remember this incident the next time someone asks you for money to aid Africa.

In A Related Story ... there have been a lot of Twitter comments on the subject 'If black people were on the Titanic ...'. I think the best ones were:

"It would be a dance/musical film."
"It would have sunk due to bullet holes."
"There would be more cursing."
"Everybody be singin' 'I'm On A Boat'."
"They would've turned the top deck into a club."
"Timberland would have done the beat for 'My Heart Will Go On'."
"The first thing on the ladies' minds would be not getting their weaves wet."

My contribution: the Titanic would have sunk because of Gabourey Sidibe standing on the prow of the ship with her arms outstretched. As The Hues Corporation sang back in '74:

"Rock the boat
Don't tip the boat over ...

In '1920: The Year of the Six Presidents', author David Pietrusza related the story of an unsuccessful black steamship business. The Black Star Line shipping line was established by Marcus Garvey, founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association as well as Black Star Steamship Company.

"Unfortunately, on the line's maiden voyage, the 1,300-ton Yarmouth (renamed the Frederick Douglas) embarked from Brooklyn to Cuba. It carried $4.8 million worth of booze. The crew got drunk, landed at Norfolk and had its cargo seized. The Kanawha, carrying $2 million worth of whiskey, fared worse, ramming a pier at Norfolk and exploding its boiler." Black Star went out of business in 1922. (posted 9-7-10, permalink)

Movin' On Down: James T. Patterson's New York Times article on the state of Black America is not encouraging.

Excerpt: "Moynihan's pessimistic prophecies have come true. In 1965, a quarter of nonwhite births in the United States were out of wedlock, eight times the proportion among whites. Today the proportion of nonmarital births among non-Hispanic blacks exceeds 72%, compared with a proportion among non-Hispanic whites of around 28%.

Only 38% of black children now live with married parents, compared with three-quarters of non-Hispanic white children. Many boys in fatherless families drop out of school, fail to find living-wage work and turn to idleness or crime. Many girls become poverty-stricken single mothers themselves.

There are no magic bullets for the rise of out-of-wedlock births, a trend rooted in the decline in marriage rates and one that has affected other western nations as well. But as Moynihan recommended, we can expand employment programs to help young black people find work. LBJ's "Great Society" programs were largely responsible for the dissolution of black family values. Many would argue that this was by design to create a permanent underclass perpetually in debt to the dems, a forever faithful voting bloc."

That 'permanent underclass' has indeed been created, introducing several generations - millions of children - into hopeless lives supported by tax money.

Thug culture has become its religion and race-baiters like Al Sharpton have become its pope. (posted 6-7-10, permalink)

The Last Remaining Bias: Dr. Regina Benjamin, the latest pick for Surgeon General is not only a good friend of Barack Obama but, apparently, of Lane Bryant, too. Fox anchor Neil Cavuto recently did a segment on whether President Obama's new surgeon general nominee "is 'too fat' for the post," complete with a guest wearing a "No Chubbies" T-shirt.

She's black by the way - OK by me - but no one dared to mention that. They were too busy reveling in that last bastion of prejudice - obesity. Pick on Muslims, blacks, Asians, atheists, gays or midgets and you'll hear plenty - liberals will denounce your particular perceived "-ism" and you will be impaled by special interest groups of one kind or another: CAIR, NAACP, the Asian Human Rights Commission, American Atheists, GLAAD or the Little People of America.

But when somebody makes a fat joke, everybody laughs. Al Sharpton is nowhere to be seen ... or heard. Jesse Jackson softly whistles, rocks back and forth on his heels and averts his eyes. Andrew Sullivan retreats to his Time cubicle and watches online gay porn.

If you're a drunk, you have an "illness" and therefore you are somewhat (or sometimes totally) absolved of responsibility. If you engage in antisocial, even criminal behavior, you have "issues" and it's probably your parents' fault. Or society's. But, if you're obese, it's all your fault - you're just an outta-control pig. Have you ever heard a doctor tell an alcoholic, "The secret is limit yourself to three balanced cocktails each day - now how hard is that?"

People think nothing of saying, "You're too fat. You should lose some weight - just look at how much it improved Marie Osmond." These same people would never dream of saying, "You're too black. You should get your skin lightened - just look at how much it improved Michael Jackson."

Dr. Benjamin should be judged by her credentials, not by her apparently large appetite. She seems to ... (more >>>) (posted 7-27-09)

That Lucky Ol' Sun ... Got Nuthin' To Do ... A recently published paper claims that global warming is racist.

Greg Gutfeld has written, "To almost quote the report, African Americans make up thirteen percent of the U.S. population, yet emit nearly twenty percent less greenhouse gases than us crackers. ... While rich white fat cats drive around in air-cooled gold-plated limousines immune to searing outside heat caused in part by sorrow of the homeless, the rest of the world must settle with a gentle breeze created by a pair of swinging oversized fuzzy dice hanging from a rearview."

Now wait a minute. Everybody who has ever taken Thermodynamics 101 knows that black bodies are net absorbers of solar heat, while white bodies are reflective, indicating that black people cause global warming.

Why do you think Africa is so #@%& hot? And Scandinavia is so #@%& cold? Furthermore, the only air-conditioned gold-plated limousines I've seen belong to black rappers on MTV's 'Cribs'.

And how can anything solar be anti-African American? The sun is a black dude. In every cartoon I've ever watched, the sun always has a big smile, gold teeth, sunglasses and claims to "make all the ladies hot."

I rest my case.

And if you disagree with me, sir, then you are worse than Al Gore and Idi Amin combined. (posted 8-8-08, permalink)


(posted 8-8-08, permalink)

Still Waiting For Those Jackson & Sharpton Apologies: Greg Gutfeld commented on the Fake Rape case at Duke - the one involving several white Lacrosse players and a black stripper: "With the exception of a Golden Girls rerun, there was nothing better than watching D.A. Mike Nifong weep like a school girl. After trying to destroy the lives of three Lacrosse players, he deserves hell."

"But so do others. What about the reporters and bloggers who assumed that it's common sense that a bunch of white students would gang rape a black stripper? And what about the sheeplike academics at Duke? If lynching were legal, they'd bring the rope. And then there's the stripper herself - a girl as stable as shelving purchased at IKEA. I haven't heard from her in weeks. Maybe she's crashing at Sharpton's pad."

And, is Jesse Jackson still going to pay her 'tuition'?

Will those 88 Duke University faculty members, who took out an ad which demonized the accused students, now publish a paid apology in the same newspaper? (posted 6-20-07, permalink)

Sensitivity Nation: Unless you spent the last several days in a hyperbaric oxygenation chamber, a cave without WiFi or a tomb, you'll know that last week's Subject of the Week was racial slurs. And sensitivity. Things got so bad that the governor of New Jersey almost died because of his involvement in the matter. (I wish him a speedy and full recovery. Next time don't speed on the Garden State Parkway.) The dollar fell to an all-time low against the Euro and prune-faced New York cowboy Don Imus lost his job for using the word 'ho'. Sales of rap tunes plummeted as did sales of Dove Dark chocolates - I guess hypersensitive whites became too fearful of giving offense.

Commenting on the racial sensitivity hullapalooza, Steve Sailer wrote: "You'll notice that The Simpsons are totally terrified of anything having to say about blacks. The show has a completely stereotypical Asian Indian, Apu, but no continuing characters who act recognizably black. The upper-middle class Dr. Hibbert is a parody of Bill Cosby's Dr. Huxtable character, not of a real black. Meanwhile, the show's creators telegraph to viewers that they are avoiding joking about blacks by creating two black characters who behave indistinguishably from their white partners. There are Homer's co-workers Lenny and Carl; and there are the cops Lou and Eddie. After 15 years of watching, I still have no idea whether it's Lenny who is black, or if it's Carl. The same goes for Lou and Eddie."

In my opinion, the only real black guy on The Simpsons is Disco Stu. He's the worst of stereotypes - always boppin' and dancin', struts when he walks, does a lot of rhyming ("Disco Stu ... has nothin' to do."), wears groovy clothes and shades, has no job and hits on Marge. I think Stu used to have darker skin but got that skin disease Michael Jackson claims to have. I'm pretty sure that, in the 1970s, Stu was one of the Ohio Players.

Last week, every news channel featured that professional grievance-monger duo, Jesse Jackson and the "Reverend" Al Sharpton. (Jonah Goldberg refers to the pair as "bottom-feeding opportunists.") Ben Stein reported that, when the Central Park Jogger rape case was in court, Al Sharpton picketed outside the office of the New York sex crimes prosecutor, Linda Alice Fairstein, in Manhattan. Day after day, he would yell "Jew bitch!" at her.

Stein wrote, "For this man to be sitting in moral judgment on anyone at all is incomprehensible. For the media to take Sharpton seriously is unbelievable."

And this is the guy who 'orchestrated' Imus' on-air apology? Sharpton should be making some apologies of is own. The fact that Imus lost his radio show and that Sharpton still has one is Injustice Personified.

Whenever I see Sharpton, I am reminded of The Kingfish in the early '50s television show, 'Amos n' Andy'. The Kingfish was a smooth-talking con man who loved the sound of his own voice and a lowlife who tried to cheat everyone.

'Amos n' Andy' gets a bad rap these days because of its alleged racist portrayal of blacks. As an eight year-old, I never found that it lowered my opinion of blacks. I remember Andy as a practical level-headed guy, warning his impulsive, gullible friends not to fall for various schemes, usually promoted by The Kingfish. Think 'Seinfeld In Harlem'.

Speaking of various cartoon stereotypes, let-sa notta forgetta Luigi, the Italian restaurant owner on The Simpsons. And those jivey, fast-talking family of crows in the movie 'Dumbo'. Hmmmm. Was the fat one named Al, perchance?

Mark Steyn gets the last word, because he summarized this 'event' so well, "Only in America: a team of champions who think they're victims, an old white fool who talks like a gangsta rapper and multi-millionaires grown rich on race-baiting who promote themselves as guardians of civility. Good thing there are no real problems to worry about." (posted 4-16-07, permalink)

Multisyllablic: In an interview last week, Andy Rooney told Don Imus, "I have a problem with the term African American ... The word negro is a perfectly good word. There is nothing wrong with that."

My first reaction was shock, because I thought both of these old geezers had died several years ago. But there is an nano-element of truth to Rooney's comment.

'African American' is a seven-syllable word. Too long. People need to be described in two syllables or less. Keep it simple and easy to pronounce. Even when drunk. (That's why drunks never describe themselves as 'inebriated' - too difficult to pronounce.)

Simple characterizations: Black. Jew. Irish. Smelly. White. Drunk. Moron. Polish. Asshole. Asian. Muslim. Jerk. Bitch.

We only call them 'police officers' when we're under oath in front of a judge. Otherwise, they're 'cops'. And cops don't refer to the person in cuffs as an 'alleged but yet-to-be indicted criminal'. He or she is a 'perp'.

Black people should pick a new word and stick with it. I'd recommend the monosyllabic 'black'. When the votes are tallied and the matter is settled, we can move on and begin voting on replacements for Hispanic, Presbyterian, Pacific Islander, Native American and Catholic. (posted 11-11-05, permalink)

Crediting The President: In a blog posting, Andrew Sullivan has written: "I guess I should say that Condi Rice's race and gender are not the most important things about her career and abilities. But I'm still amazed at how little credit this president gets for promoting a black woman to such a position, and, more importantly, by his obvious respect and admiration for her.

His management style is clearly post-racial, and his comfort with female peers is impressive. You know, Bill Clinton was celebrated for his progressiveness, and ease with African-Americans. But it's inconceivable that he would have given so much power and authority to a black female peer. Why does Bush get no respect on this score? I guess it reveals that much of the left's diversity mania is about the upholding of a certain political ideology, rather than ethnic or gender variety itself."

I personally like the term "post-racial." Perhaps it will become the verbal pin used to deflate windbags like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. (posted 11-24-04, permalink)

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