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About 'The View Through The Windshield' Blog (posted 7/1/2012)
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Staring at my computer screen: May, 2012
'The View Through The Windshield' consists of things that interest me (especially automotive stuff), including the occasional news article which I find significant, humorous and/or ironic.

When this blog began in May 2004, I had no intentions of making it a commercial venture; there have never been outside ads on my site nor have I accepted money for a posted opinion.

This blog is strictly a one-man voluntary operation; I have neither co-writers or a comments section. This blog is my journal, not a collaborative or a community forum. That's how it's going to stay, too. I write for me. Surprisingly, I have a following of loyal readers who seem to enjoy my postings. That's a pleasant surprise and I thank them for their 'patronage'.

My memory isn't as good as it used to be, so - instead of cutting out old newspaper clippings and stuffing scribbled notes and statistics into my wallet ... or having ceilingscraper stacks of newspapers filling the house with the obligatory narrow canyons for traveling from room to room - I post things on my blog.

If I ever want to find - for example - something I wrote about Lionel Trains but can't remember where it is, I can simply type ' Lionel Trains' into Google and I'll get back 70 or so different postings.

Since I don't sell ad space, blog traffic changes have no impact on my life. I don't do any promotional work and religiously avoid all those 'Ten Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Site' articles.

There are no plans to expand my online presence. No Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds or podcasts - too much of a pain in the ass, in my opinion. I do not want 'Facebook friends'. If you want to be a real friend, fly out here and buy me a few drinks.

It's always a pleasure when readers compliment me about something I wrote. Each month, I post 12-15,000 words. A concession to readers is that I sometimes post newspaper comics and editorial cartoons on the blog, for a change of pace. Because I don't have reprint rights, I remove them after a week or so. So ... if you want to see 'em, you better stop by frequently. Everything else can be found in the Blog Archives (listed chronologically by month) or the Greatest Hits/Essays section, which showcases more lengthy articles and in-depth observations on various subjects.

Over the years, a lot of new blogs have debuted with much noise, fanfare, acerbic wit, outrage and fireworks. I have enjoyed them but am disappointed when they sputter and die. You can't sustain anything - a blog, a business, a show, a relationship - on hype and ambition alone. You must make a commitment and then work at it, putting one foot in front of the other on a regular basis. A lot of people don't understand that. Running is impressive but plodding along is better than standing still ... or being defunct.

There are still many exceptional blogs out there. So many that I struggle to keep up just with the ones I've bookmarked on my browser.

Thanks for stopping by.

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The facts presented in this blog are based on my best guesses and my substantially faulty geezer memory. The opinions expressed herein are strictly those of the author and are protected by the U.S. Constitution. Probably.

Spelling, punctuation and syntax errors are cheerfully repaired when I find them; grudgingly fixed when you do.

If I have slandered any brands of automobiles, either expressly or inadvertently, they're most likely crap cars and deserve it. Automobile manufacturers should be aware that they always have the option of trying to change my mind by providing me with vehicles to test drive.

If I have slandered any people or corporations in this blog, either expressly or inadvertently, they should buy me strong drinks (and an expensive meal) and try to prove to me that they're not the jerks I've portrayed them to be. If you're buying, I'm willing to listen.

Don't be shy - try a bribe. It might help.