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My educational background is engineering (BME - Villanova) and, after graduation, I was employed in the rubber and plastics industries. My last corporate stint was at Rohm & Haas Co. from 1966 to 1978.

A business partner and I owned and successfully operated an Oregon-based plastics manufacturing company from 1978 through 1989. After the first five years of ownership, our manufacturing/distibution company was in the upper quartile for both net profit and return on total assets compared with its industry peers. We started with three employees; when we sold the firm to a large midwest manufacturing conglomerate, we employed over 70.

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Using the knowledge and lessons gained from business ownership, I later became an independent management consultant. My focus was advising mid-sized, growing companies. For eight years, I wrote a newspaper column, Doin' Business, to help promote my consultancy.

I've authored and contributed to several business books and my writings have been published in numerous business magazines.

When I put up my business consulting website in 1997, I had posted several of my how-to business articles online. When I retired from consulting, I moved many of them to the website of my local SCORE chapter. After 24 years as a volunteer counselor, I retired from SCORE in 2009 and moved some of the business tips and how-to articles to my personal website, hoping that they will be useful to small business owners.

I hope you find the information in these postings helpful in your business endeavors:

How To Start A Business (in six easy steps) How Not To Start A Business

Make A Profit On Everything You Do

Handling Your Finances

Makin' Stuff: The Joy Of Manufacturing

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Be Skeptical About Forecasts & Predictions

Accounting 'Special Charges'

Dead Horse Strategies

Les Schwab's Business Model

The Legacy of William B. Stout

The 20/20/60 Rule

New World Of Commerce

The Luck Of The Irish

Overhauling The SBA

The Lessons of Oldsmobile

Remembering The Somat Machine

Indecision, Procrastination and Louie
Lessons From The Car Wash
Trade Show In A Box
Assets In The Elevator
Running A Successful Restaurant
Keep Trying Until Something Works
Riding The Rails of Technology
Positioning, Perception & Branding The Troubleshooting Guide To Almost Everything

Management By Objectives

More of my business and financial commentary can be found here.

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