Famous 1939 Plymouths
In The Movies And Elsewhere
The blue Plymouth coupe in the 1988 Roger Rabbit movie is probably the most famous '39.
The movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit had a blue 1939 Plymouth coupe in a prominent role. It was eventually wrecked by Roger's poor driving skills. These Plymouths used in the movie were decaying away at Disney Florida's MGM Studios in 2000.
A 1939 Plymouth coupe police car led the procession which took Vito Corleone home from the hospital in the 1972 movie, The Godfather.
The 1946 movie The Big Sleep had a 1939 Plymouth P8 Deluxe convertible coupe in this rainy scene.
A gray 1939 Plymouth 4-door sedan with US Navy markings was destroyed by a Japanese aerial bomb in the 2001 movie, Pearl Harbor. Nicholas Cage and Sean Penn got into a blue 1939 Plymouth two-door sedan in the 1984 movie, Racing With The Moon.

Lucille Ball toured the 1939 New York World's Fair in a rare Plymouth four-door convertible.
1939 Plymouth P8 Deluxe convertible on display at the LeMay Vehicle Collection near Tacoma, WA. (February 2005) The Smithsonian's National Museum of American History in Washington D.C. offered 'America on the Move', an exhibit of transportation from 1800 to present. The display included this '39 Plymouth coupe. (October 2004)

Back To The Future: Whenever anyone mentions cars and the 1939 World's Fair, everyone recalls the famous General Motors Futurama exhibit. But Chrysler had a pretty neat exhibit, too. It included 3-D movies which you watched while wearing special '39 Plymouth glasses.

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