1939 Plymouth Owner Testimonials

Comments from real Plymouth owners - from the 1939 sales brochure.

"I've had three Plymouths in six years and drove my last Plymouth 127,000 miles before turning it in on my present one."
David H. W. Benson
Far Rockaway, New York

"This is my second Plymouth. It has gone 7,000 miles with no upkeep expense whatsoever. I average 20 to 23 miles per gallon and never add oil between changes."
Mrs. Dorothy M. Weigl
Bellaire, New York
"I've driven my Plymouth over 82,000 miles - plenty of abuse - and the head has never been off the motor. Once in a while I spend a few dollars for upkeep. I get better than 20 miles per gallon and use very little oil."
C. Edward Blanchard
Uxbridge, Mass.
"I wouldn't buy any other car. More than 73,000 miles and no valve grind - bearings OK - plenty of power - everything's fine."
Floyd Caskey
Reedley, California
"I've had practically no expense on three Plymouths and I drive about 35,000 miles a year"
Clarence W. Kleckner
Rockford, Illinois
"Night and day our Plymouth gets tough abuse. Always on the go ... yet we never so much as had the pan off in the first 50,000 miles."
O. V. Kelley
Chief of Police
Iola, Kansas

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