O-Gauge Photos: Frankford Junction & Mayfair Diner

Passenger train pulled by Pennsylvania T1 locomotive roars past Frankford Junction and street crossing.
Below: here comes the Lionel Hiawatha passenger consist approaching the Plasticville freight station near the RR crossing. The red button is the on/off switch for the digital crossing bell; the bushes help obscure the speaker.

Milwaukee Road Hiawatha is arriving at Union Station platform on lower level. Note the PTC Brill trolley in background as it passes a silver Chrysler Airflow and gray Lincoln Continental. The 1:48 scale diner sign on the lower level of the train layout pays homage to the real sign on Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia.

The layout's Mayfair Diner versus the real thing: the one on the layout is topped with an animated neon sign. The layout features hot rods in the parking lot; the actual parking lot in Northeast Philly is filled with somewhat more ... ummmm ... pedestrian vehicles. In 2008, the diner was updated with silhouettes and Venetian blinds in the windows.

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