O-Gauge Model Railroad: Layout Photos

Philadelphia PTC Brill trolley and trailer emerge from mountain tunnel, near Reading caboose. (upper level of train layout - HO scale)
PTC rural mountain trolley at station. (upper level of train layout - HO scale)
Close-ups of mountain shrubs, trees and foliage. (upper level of train layout - HO scale)
Cars at RR crossing await PRR freight train to pass. (middle level of train layout - O-gauge)
Antique Auto Show features a green 1930 Rolls Royce sedan, maroon Bugatti 57s roadster, gold '38 Delage coupe, black '32 Bucialli coupe, red & black '33 Duesenberg SJ roadster, yellow Model T Ford and more. (middle level of train layout - O-gauge).
Philadelphia Transit Co. (PTC) trolley stops at semi-rural station. In the background, a white & grey Public Service bus waits for passengers transferring for a trip to New Jersey. (lower level of train layout - O-gauge)
Across from PTC trolley station is The Philadelphia News Stand. (lower level of train layout - O-gauge)
PRR billboard advertises T1 locomotive as a muddy Caterpillar earth mover passes between sign and PRR yard shack. (lower level of train layout - O-gauge)
Pennsy Aerotrain races by crossing. (middle level of train layout - O-gauge)
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