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Hood River, Oregon - page 2 (1930-1949)
The American Austin Car Company was a U.S. automobile manufacturer tied to Britain's Austin Motor Company. American Austin was founded in 1929 in Butler, Pennsylvania. The firm produced Americanized versions of the English Austin Seven motor car.
An original unrestored example, including wood spoked wheels

Powered by a 90 hp engine, this aircraft has a 36-foot wingspan, 108 mph cruising speed and is one of 25 or so made.
The Dart has a wingspan 29.5 feet, is powered by a 120 hp engine, has a top speed of 135 mph and is one of 15 built.

The 1940 model year produced one of the handsomest Fords of the era. The Deluxe coupe (above) cost $722, while the Deluxe Fordor sedan (below) was priced at $808. Power was provided by Ford's 85 horsepower flathead V8 engine.

Looking like the big Ford that it was based-on, this 1940 Mercury four-door convertible is a rare bodystyle.

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