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Description of item

Bowser 551-50127 Brill double-end trolley, green/cream, Philadelphia PTC markings, Route #11 O
Corgi 55012 Corgi PCC trolley, green/cream/silver, Bowser-powered, Philadelphia PTC markings, Route #23 O
Fleischmann 300P German passenger set - 0-6-0 #1304 steam loco and tender, GFN markings, with 3 dark green/gray #1200 passenger cars (now retired) HO
IHC M9381 Brill Birney-type trolley with trailer, yellow/green - PTC lettering HO
Industrial Rail IDM 1104 PRR double door box car, Tuscan, pulled by K-Line MP-15 diesel O
Industrial Rail IDM 6000 Custom-painted single dome tank car - green with gold 'Rohm & Haas Co.' markings (pre-1965 logo), pulled by K-Line MP-15 diesel O
Industrial Rail IDM 6005 Single dome tank car, silver, 'Barrett Division' & 'Allied Chemical' markings, pulled by MTH Keystone Express O
K-Line K-223203A Pennsylvania MP-15 (EMD) diesel engine with PRR red/yellow caboose O
K-Line K-4680 PRR 'Spirit of St. Louis' passenger car set - 4 18" cars, PRR Tuscan, includes #4149 coach, #4620 diner, #8060 Pullman & #8424 observation, pulled by Williams GG-1 or MTH T-1 O
K-Line K-27802 Pennsylvania Railroad 15" Interurbans (MU cars - Tuscan) powered & dummy O
Lionel 6-58520 Entemann's Vat Car, limited run, made for Long Island Toy train Locomotive Engineers O
Lionel 6-58564 Tastykake Cupcake Boxcar, limited run, made for TCA Atlantic Division O
Lionel Classics 51000 Hiawatha passenger set (1987 reissue of 1935 original) - orange/gray/black, 350E steam loco and tender (fitted with QSI 3000 Proto-Sound), #882 transition car, #883 coach & #884 observation, Lionel Lines & Milwaukee Road markings O
MTH Premier 20-3043-1 PRR T1 Duplex (4-4-4-4) steam loco and tender (with Proto-Sound). Used as alternate passenger engine. Pulls K-Line PRR passenger cars on 072 track. O
MTH Premier 20-65072 PRR Congressional set, 5 - 17.5" cars, ribbed silver with Tuscan stripe and 'Pennsylvania' in gold letters - includes baggage car, three coaches and Alexander Hamilton tapered-tail observation car, pulled by Williams GG-1 O
MTH Premier 20-94167 PRR (#2657) R50B REA Express reefer car O
MTH Premier 20-94167 Pennsylvania Railroad RB50 Express reefer car, tuscan - heads consist of K-Line PRR passenger cars. O
MTH Rail King 30-1156-1 PRR (USRA) Mallet articulated (2-8-8-2) steam loco and tender (with Proto-Sound). Used as alternate freight engine on floor layout off-season. Pulls 14-15 car freight consist O
MTH Rail King 30-2503-0 PCC trolley, white/gold, Philadelphia SEPTA markings, Route #36 O
MTH Rail King 30-2532-1 PCC trolley, cream/green w/maroon beltline, Philadelphia PTC markings, Route #10 (with Proto-Sound 2.0) O
MTH Rail King 30-2210-1 PRR Aerotrain passenger set - engine and 3 passenger cars with Protosound 2.0, silver with maroon stripe (Plus two extra passenger cars) O
MTH Rail King 30-4023-1 PRR Keystone Freight Express - Pennsylvania 2-8-0 Consolidation steam loco and tender (with Proto-Sound), PRR Tuscan single door box car, PRR black hopper car with coal & PRR Tuscan caboose O
MTH Rail King 30-7626 PRR Tuscan flat car with PRR 'TrucTrain' silver trailer O
MTH Rail King 30-71428 Bonomo's Turkish Taffy Chocolate box car - cream with brown letters/graphics O
MTH Rail King 33-6237 Rugged Rails PRR Tuscan passenger consist (a baggage car, two coaches, open-ended, canopied observation car), plus extra coach car (33-6227) O
Various --- Freight cars (too numerous to mention) and Industrial Rail powered handcar O
Weaver/Petersen 50334 Covered bulk hopper car, red/white, 'Bakelite Plastics' - 'Union Carbide' markings O
Williams 74402 24" scale GG1 with TruSound, Pennsylvania, Tuscan with 5 gold stripes - pulls K-Line PRR 'Spirit of St. Louis' passenger set or MTH Congressional set O
Williams WAL #17 Railway Express Agency - REA - reefer car (dark green) O

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