LeMay: America's Car Museum - 1935-1942
This Rolls-Royce-produced Bentley was promoted as "the silent sports car."
This convertible is one of only six known survivors and is powered by a 113 horsepower L-head inline six-cylinder engine.
This elegant Caddy Town Car is powered by a 150 horse, 368 cubic-inch V-12 engine.
When introduced in 1933, the Airflow represented a sharp break from the squared-off auto design of the 1920s. Its looks were controversial and subsequent facelifts served to soften the aero-purist lines of the original. This 1937 example looks almost conventional.

This Super 8 Custom 180 Convertible Victoria was styled by Howard 'Dutch' Darrin.
This is one of two Caddy town cars produced by the Derham Body Co. of Rosemont, PA.
The distinctive front end styling of the '42 Chryslers were lifted from a concept drawing by stylist Gil Spear. This Royal model is powered by a 120 horsepower flathead six engine.
Only three of these custom-bodied Packards were produced by coachbuilder Rollston. This example has two radios, silk curtains, a built-in intercom, a bar and was reportedly built for the president of Packard.

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A complete trip report with more photos is posted here.

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