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Don't Buy Cushion Solution

Consumer Alert: Don't buy Cushion Solution, a ring resizer.

As a result of weight loss, my rings no longer fit my fingers - they are too loose and tend to fall off. I purchased Cushion Solution, a liquid ring resizer that comes in a tube. This liquid silicone has such poor bonding power that it falls off after a couple of days. Yes, I religiously followed the prep instructions, thoroughly cleaning the ring surface and allowing more than 24 hours for the silicone to set up. And I tried it on three rings - twice.

And, don't forget: I'm experienced at gluing and adhering stuff. We used a variety of adhesives in my plastics business. And I've worked with silicone adhesives before.

Cushion Solution doesn't work; it's a rip-off as far as I'm concerned.

I've now lined the bottom of my rings with the soft side of Velcro and that's working just fine. (posted 7/29/14)

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