May 2001 - Scotland

Edinburgh Castle CJS

Edinburgh castle - JMS

Carol and friend at Edinburgh Castle - May 2001


Joe at Edinburgh Castle - May 2001

The Scottish Shop


Glasgow Museum of Transport

Remember the SNL Scottish Shop sketch? "If it's not Scottish, it's CRAP!"
Trolleys on display at the Museum of Transport in Glasgow - May 2001

Edinburgh Tips

For a little history and some good laughs, take the evening 'Ghosts & Gore' Walking Tour of the medieval city. For dinner, The Patio (on Hanover Street) is a busy and long-established Italian restaurant with a fine menu and very good service. Don't forget to stop in at the Balmoral Hotel for drinks in their wonderful and elegant bar.

Miracle in Glasgow

During our visit, a miracle happened. To learn about the Miracle of the Hat, click here.

More UK Photos

There are now numerous large-size photos from our 2001 UK adventure posted here, including additional photos from the Glasgow Museum of Transport.

May/June 2001 - Paris and Versailles

Musee D'Orsay

Notre Dame - Carol

Carol offers a toast at the Musee d'Orsay restaurant - June 2001
Carol and the flying buttresses of Notre Dame - June 2001

Versailles - Carol


Versailles - Joe

Carol at Versailles - May 2001


Joe and gardens of Versailles - May 2001

Stravinsky fountains


Notre Dame - Joe

Carol at Stravinsky fountain - June 2001


Joe at Notre Dame - June 2001

May 2001 - Paris and the Louvre

Sacre Coeur - Paris

Winged Victory (Louvre)

Joe (wearing chapeau de miracle) at Sacre Coeur - May, 2001
Joe & statue of 'Winged Victory' at the Louvre - May, 2001

Louvre Pyramid


Carol & Pyramid

Pyramid at the Louvre - May 2001


Carol at glass Pyramid - May 2001

Carol at Louvre


Mona Lisa

Carol outside the Louvre - May 2001


Joe, Carol & Mona - May 2001

Tip: Getting Quality Time with Mona Lisa

Usually, the Mona Lisa room is jammed with people and you can hardly see the darned thing. To beat the crowds, we (1) bought museum passes in advance (we got ours at the Metro ticket booth), (2) went to the group/prepaid entrance in the Passage Richelieu, (3) entered the Louvre as soon as it opened and (4) proceeded directly to the Mona Lisa (first floor, Denon wing). There were only two other couples in this large room. We exchanged cameras and took each others' pictures. And stood back and took in the wonder of the painting.

Then, we explored the rest of the Louvre at a more leisurely pace. Here's another tip: splurge and have lunch at Le Grand Louvre in the museum, under the Pyramid. It's great. (The only disappointment - they didn't have a dessert named 'I. M. Pie'.)

May 2001 - Paris, France

Eurostar chunnel train

Joe and Smart

We traveled to and from Paris under the English Channel on the Eurostar train - top speed: 186 mph.
Joe and very tiny (8-foot-long) Smart car in front of the Ritz Hotel - Paris

Carol & Eiffel


Eiffel at dusk

Carol at the Eiffel Tower - May 2001

Eiffel at dusk, taken during Seine boat cruise.

New Larger Photos

There are now large-size photos from our 2001 Paris adventure posted here.

Restaurant Tip: We highly recommend Les Diables au Thym (Devils with Thyme), an excellent, upscale yet reasonably-priced restaurant in Paris. Cuisine Traditionnelle. Wonderful food, good wine selection, friendly & impeccable service. Call for reservations because it's a small restaurant with limited seating. Located at 35 rue Bergere, 75009 Paris.


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