Zoom photo taken from balcony of our room
As close as I'll ever get to an Aston Martin Vantage.
Shields Date Farm features an 8 minute movie, 'The Romance and Sex Life of Dates'.
Buddy Greco at work; he can still belt 'em out at 81!
Lezlie Anders (aka - Mrs. Greco) is also a great singer.
Pool at The River, an upscale shopping center in Rancho Mirage.
At Babe's, a barbecue joint at The River
I wonder if the owners of this place watch South Park?
Roadrunner spotted at Santa Ana Mtn. Visitors Center.
Scary sign posted in front of Visitors Center
Mom and baby giraffe at Living Desert Zoo, Palm Desert
Golden Eagle at Living Desert Zoo
Cool church bulletin announcement from Sacred Heart RC Church, Palm Desert
Proliferation of morons means signs like this must be posted on hotel room ceilings next to sprinkler heads.
The Living Desert also has a spectacular garden railway layout. Several photos here.