Mags For Less complaint

The View
Through The Windshield

About Cars ... and Everything Else I See
by Joe Sherlock

Rip-Off Alert

'Mags On The Net' are thieves. This discount magazine subscription service charged me for three years of AutoWeek, gave me one year. After many frustrating e-mails and a three-month subscription lapse, they finally delivered a second year. They have been completely unresponsive to my complaints about the third year they owe me.

Avoid these crooks and tell all your friends about them. According to information from the Better Business Bureau, Mags On The Net is located in Lawrence, NY and operated by Cindy Schulman. I would recommend that you not patronize any service operated by this woman. The firm operates under other names, including Blue Magazines, BlueMagazines and Super Subscriptions LLC.

If you want more horror stories, just Google the phrase 'Mags On The Net problem'.