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Tuesday May 3, 2016

car blogSaturday Sun: At 1:00 pm, the temperature was still a chilly 57 degrees but it felt warmer in the sun. I fired up my '39 Plymouth coupe and took a drive.

Traffic was light and the colors were from a 4 pack crayon set, Crayola orange, blue skies with white Johnson & Johnson puffy clouds and lots of Spring greenery. Mt. St. Helens was guarded by bright clouds but the Eastern hills were visible and in bloom.

It was a fine way to spend part of a Saturday afternoon. The temperature eventually reached 63 degrees.

Later in this sweater-weather day, I cooked a large filet mignon on the outdoor grill. My wife and I split it, along with scalloped potatoes, roasted onions and bottle of Robert Mondavi Private Selection Merlot (2001) from California's Central Coast.

Italian Dog: The Fiat 500 is sitting on dealer lots for an average of 138 days. Over the past year, sales have dropped by almost 26%. The 500L is parked on sales lots for 145 days.

That sounds awful until you realize that the Cadillac CTS has an inventory of 141 days and the ATS is even worse at 153 days. So much for Caddy's Dare Greatly ad campaign. Maybe people think it means We Dare You Not To Buy It.

Something Old Is New Again: Disneyland's 1955 Autotopia has been updated and reopened after a four-month closure. The update features cars powered by Honda. This Disney/Honda alliance brings a whole new look to this longtime guest favorite, with freshly-painted cars done up in Honda exterior colors.

May Third - A Day To Remember: 'The Third Of May', painted in 1814 by Francisco De Goya, commemorates Spanish resistance to Napoleon's armies during the occupation of 1808 in the Peninsular War - a military conflict for control of the Iberian Peninsula, involving Spain, Portugal and Britain against Napoleon.

joe sherlock blogFifty-seven years ago, May 3rd was drilled into my brain during my Junior year at St. Joe's Prep.

For six months, Father Pichla kept reminding us that he was taking on us on a field trip to see a steel mill on that date. Except, with his accent, he pronounced it May Turd. Then three weeks before the trip he got pissed off at the class for some minor infraction and canceled it.

"Dat's it! No May Turd trip for youse," he yelled. Therefore, I've never toured a steel mill. I don't think I missed anything.

Bessemer converter, my ass.

Down At The Shore: I've added one more image to the section on Atlantic City. It's a matchbox cover for Mammy's, a great place for chicken and waffles.

Located on the ocean side of the boardwalk at Pennsylvania Avenue, the restaurant was owned by Lew Tendler, a well-known Jewish boxer from the 1920s. Lew also owned a restaurant on South Broad Street in Philadelphia.

Anemic Economy: Scott Grannis has noted that "it's probably not a coincidence that for the duration of this unusually weak recovery we've seen a huge accumulation of public debt, a huge increase in regulatory burdens (e.g., Obamacare, Dodd-Frank), generally high and rising marginal tax rates, and a punitively high corporate tax rate. The rewards to risk-taking, and the burdens of running a business and complying with increased regulatory mandates have depressed the economy's animal spirits. The government is slowly smothering the private sector."

auto blogSmall businesses, which create more than 70% of all jobs, have suffered under the burden of government regulations. The annual cost of all mandated Federal regulations for firms with less than 20 employees is estimated at over $15,000.

It would be easy to lay this at the feet of the Obama administration but the fact is, burdensome regulations have been imposed since the 1970s and get worse with each presidential administration. Most of these regulations are not put in place by congress or presidents but by government regulatory bureaucracies, which "assume" their mandate and impose whatever rules they want without oversight - neither executive or legislative. These bureaucratic agencies include the EPA, OSHA, HHS and more.

The cited cost of regulatory compliance does not include the added cost of training poorly-educated, near illiterate graduates - products of our failing unionized education system, which turns out near-illiterate slackers with little knowledge and even less work ethic.

Add in mandated health care costs, the cost of litigation insurance (product liability, employee negligence) and the risk/reward ratio for new business ownership or growth for an existing business becomes unattractive.

Question Of The Day is from comedian Ross Noble: "How come Miss Universe is only won by people from Earth?"

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