Garage Refresh - 2006

After a thoroughly garage cleaning, I spackled various dents and scrapes along the walls, sanded the repaired areas and repainted all the interior walls with two coats of Olympic Satin White, replacing a hideous yellow-eggshell color. Prior to painting, I caulked and sealed the open spaces at the bottom of the drywall.

Many of the dings and dents in the drywall were caused by the two Continental Mark IIs I used to own, including one depression which was a perfect impression of a 1957 Continental parking light pod.

The cars were so long and the garage so short (19 feet) that there was less than 10" to spare when either Mark II was pulled in. So, I bumped the wall a couple of times. Well ... more than a couple of times. My '39 Plymouth now resides in that space and has room to spare. No Plymouth-shaped dents are anticipated. Besides, I now have wheel stops glued to the floor for both the Jag and Plymouth.

There is a 40-inch round convex Plexiglas mirror mounted on one wall. I bought it in 1970 at the Rohm & Haas company store for 50 cents. I had wall-mounted it on the Mark II side of the garage so I could see where the car was positioned while driving in/out.

Several years ago, the Plexiglas developed a crack, so I sliced a portion off and made the mirror a 'D' shape. Because I didn't have a good saw at the time, the rough edges of that cut had later cracked. I carefully trimmed the Plexi on my bandsaw (cutting off the cracks), sanded it, resealed the edge and cleaned up 36 years worth of scratches. The mirror now looks very good; I'll be able to see the Plymouth's position anytime I drive into the garage. Best 50 cents I ever spent.

My garage has solid oak side doors and two oak-framed windows. I used Liquid Gold to bring back their luster. I also cleaned and relocated some framed car-related pictures for a different and more aesthetic appearance: