Home Projects - 2011
In July, we had our deck - built in 2003 - power-washed and recoated with protectant. We also cleaned-up our deck furniture and added a new propane grill.

There used to be a door here - an old unused warped one with a leaky rotting sill. It's been replaced with a solid wall with a proper concrete footing:

The ancient, balky, bare-tube flourescents in our garages have been replaced with banks of bright modern enclosed flourescent fixtures with acrylic diffusers and electronic ballasts that will fire at zero degrees:

In August, we had many trees on our property trimmed up. We also had several dying/decaying ones removed including a large triple-trunk cedar which was in danger of falling on our house. This was a major job; the limbs alone generated over 25,000 pounds of chips and debris. The huge tree trunks removed represented another 50,000 pounds or so of wood. The house looks much different now; we're happy with the appearance. It is less claustrophobic but we still have lots of privacy.

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